Rosalyn Cooperman

U.S. government shutdown ends – reaction from USApp experts, updated

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On Wednesday night Congress came to an agreement to end the US-government’s 16 day shutdown, and to raise the debt ceiling until at least early February. We asked our expert contributors for their immediate reactions to the agreement.  _ The political realities that brought about the government shutdown and the debt crisis have not changed – Joshua Huder – Georgetown University The […]

Fearing a primary challenger from their own party in the next election, House representatives have little incentive to compromise on the budget.

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The current government shutdown has been marked by the near complete failure of Republicans and Democrats to communicate and negotiate towards a solution. Rosalyn Cooperman looks at the reasons behind this lack of communication, arguing that because the majority of Republicans and Democrats have relatively safe seats in the House of Representatives, they have little incentive to adopt a compromising […]

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