Dec 9 2011

Global war on terror blog weekly round-up 9 December


Spencer Ackerman is worried by the proposed outsourcing of U.S security operations on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.


Andrew Exum believes that counterinsurgency will continue to remain important.


The Arabist looks at the dispute between SCAF and the Muslim Brotherhood over the constitution.


Jennifer E Dyer looks at the implications of a downed US drone in Iran.

Dan Hodges argues for direct action against Iran.


Thomas Ricks looks at a new book on Saddam.


Jason Lyall predicts further protests in Russia.

Jay Ulfelder believes that short term political change is likely.


Morgan Roach believes that the international community should be more concerned about ongoing events in Sudan.


William Joce argues that Uzbekistan’s strategic importance is often understated.

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About Posted by AD Brown

Adam Brown is editorial manager for the War on Terror blog series at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He holds a BA in International Relations and a MSc in Human Rights with a focus on cyber security and rights.
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