Dec 30 2011

GWOT blog weekly round-up 30 December


Jim Lacey argues that counterinsurgency is one of only many functions of the US Army.


James Fearon argues that current Iraq policies are a rational response to the vacuum created by the exit of US troops.

Jay Ufelder argues that Maliki’s turn toward authoritarianism in Iraq was inevitable.

Various experts argue that the decision to withdraw all US troops from Iraq will destabilise the country,

Middle East

Tony Blair argues that more needs to be done support liberal, secular democrats in the Middle East.

North Korea

The American Enterprise Institute looks at North Korea.


Ammar Abdulhamid continues to provide updates of events in Syria.

Foreign Policy profiles the war crimes of the Arab League’s Syria Monitor.

Norman Geras criticises Jonathan Steele’s defence of the Syrian government.


The Wall Street Journal looks at how counterterrorism operations can be exploited by regimes.

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Adam Brown is editorial manager for the War on Terror blog series at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He holds a BA in International Relations and a MSc in Human Rights with a focus on cyber security and rights.
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