Apr 16 2014

LSE Careers Easter closure days

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LSE is closed for Easter from Thursday 17th April until Thursday 24th April. LSE Careers will reopen at 9.30am on Thursday 24th April.

Have a good break and we hope to see you in the Summer term.

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Apr 14 2014

Patrick Jones – Associate, Nomura

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Patrick JonesPatrick Jones graduated from LSE in 2009 with a BSc in Philosophy and Economics and now works at Nomura as an Associate. To read more about his progress since leaving the school, read his full graduate profile.

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Apr 9 2014

Training contract deadline campaign

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Looking for a training contract? It’s a competitive market. Of around 200 students, only 36 will secure a training contract this year.

To give you the best chance, AllAboutLaw.co.uk have launched their annual Training Contract Deadline Campaign. Browse their website for more advice and application information.

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Mar 26 2014

Corporate responsibility careers resources

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A question many students and graduates looking to work in corporate responsibility and sustainability ask is, ‘where is the best place to look for news and find out about opportunities?’ I asked representatives on our ‘Corporate careers with a conscience’ panel for their job hunting advice. Below is a summary of their suggestions and some resources to use:

  • Don’t limit yourself to applying for advertised positions.  Many roles in CR and sustainability are not advertised widely. Tap into professional networks, use resources like LinkedIn and be prepared to apply speculatively.
  • Get volunteering and work experience – this is often a stepping stone to something more permanent.
  • Identify your niche and follow a sector/industry, keeping up to date with what’s happening.  You’ll be looking in very different places for a role in CR in an FMCG and say impact/ethical investing.
  • Professional bodies and associations can be a great way of identifying possible companies.
  • There are very few graduate schemes. Opportunities are often based in smaller organisations with a clear CR/sustainable/ethical agenda or in a larger organisation once you have some functional specialism.
  • Develop your business expertise and then think how this might be applied in a CR context.
  • Read widely, develop your understanding, have conversations and start to influence through attending events.

Here are a few websites the panel recommend for keeping up-to-date: Continue reading

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Mar 24 2014

Africa Summit explores entrepreneurship on the continent

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Africa Summit at the LSE explores entrepreneurship in Africa.

Africa Summit – Alistair Berkley Lecture: Impact of Legal Systems on Entrepreneurship in Africa

The aim of the Alistair Berkley Lecture is to explore this uncharted territory. A panel of lawyers and entrepreneurs will discuss legal challenges that entrepreneurs may encounter while doing business in Africa.

Date: Thursday 3 April 2014, 7:00pm – 8:30pm, reception until 9pm
Venue: Hong Kong Theatre

With impressive growth rates, it is not surprising that the African continent has attracted global investors and entrepreneurs seeking out new opportunities. While Africa Business Conferences are organised all over the world, these conferences often fail to address the issue of the impact of legal systems on the business environment. However, a favourable legal environment is essential to attract investment and promote entrepreneurship.

Africa Summit – Business Conference

Continue reading

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Mar 20 2014

Corporate careers with a conscience. Challenge, success, making a difference

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Corporate careers with a conscience. Challenge, success, making a difference – can you have it all?

This was the question posed at a recent panel covering the sustainability, corporate responsibility and ethical investment sectors.  Social impact is the new buzz word and with speakers from Tesco, Volans, Impactt Ltd, Blue & Green Tomorrow and Osmosis there was some lively discussion!  Here we’ve highlighted some of their key careers messages to share with you.

  • It’s perfectly possible to get into this area without a directly relevant degree; build skills elsewhere first. Gain business experience and develop expertise in your niche area whether that be project management, marketing, project design etc. You can then apply this expertise in your chosen sector area.
  • CR is increasingly becoming a core part of business practice – you don’t really ‘go into’ CSR.  You will be applying a CR perspective from whatever business you are in. 93% of CEOs see sustainability as key to the growth of their business
  • The importance of volunteering cannot be underestimated in terms of insights gained and demonstrating motivation to a prospective employer. Continue reading
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Mar 19 2014

Project Ubuntu – A year of volunteering

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Daniel Becton, an LSE alumnus, decided to take an unusual type of gap year and set out to volunteer with a charity in every US state for a week. He set off in August 2012 on his 42,000 mile adventure and finished last autumn. We spoke to Daniel about why he chose such an ambitious project and how he feels now he’s completed it.

‘Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic.’

-Martin Luther King Jr. (16-Aug-1967)

Like most who turn up to Houghton Street, I started life at the LSE wide-eyed, ambitious and idealistic. Fascinated and outraged by global and local injustices, I wanted to enhance my worldview and develop tools for changing society.

I’ll never forget the moment my dissertation supervisor pointed out that after 11 months I now had analytical tools available, but my task was to mobilise them. This was a lightbulb moment for me because I realised the question behind knowledge production is never about what is, but about what information is made accessible to tell the stories that (re-)create our social reality.

Studying in the Gender Institute equipped me with a critical lens for viewing power in society, but it didn’t just leave me angry about injustice. It left me wondering, ‘What can I do?’

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Mar 14 2014

Microvolunteering Day – 15th March

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March 15th is the is the first annual microvolunteering day. Check out the site for how the volunteering world will be celebrating.

What is micro volunteering?

Micro volunteering is a chance for a volunteer to donate small chunks of time to a charitable project, often through a web-enabled device. As Ivo explains, “A quick scout around the web reveals many definitions, but one that seems most apt would be ‘small, quick, low commitment actions that benefit a worthy cause’.” Sparked, a volunteer matching website has a tag line that reads, “It’s online volunteering, for busy people (like you).”

This means it can be done on the bus, whilst on a lunch break or even in your pyjamas!

Find out more on the LSE Volunteer Centre website.

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Mar 13 2014

Sport Relief at LSE

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2014′s Sport Relief is the penultimate weekend in March and LSE will be getting involved with a great range of events all happening on Friday 21 March. There’s something for everyone! See details and how to participate below. Please note that if you would like to volunteer to help on the day, each event has a different email contact.

Check out the LSE website for the full details of everything that is happening on campus.

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Mar 4 2014

Spotlight on the energy sector

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Over 850 students and recent graduates are registered as interested in the Environment and Natural Resources Sector on CareerHub. Having organised and been to several energy and environmental sector events recently, I thought I’d write a couple of blogs, starting with a spotlight on energy and a forthcoming event.

Many students are simply not aware of the range of roles offered by the energy sector. They’re certainly not all for engineers either!  LSE graduates have all recently gone to work for energy companies including BP, RWE, Shell, Statoil, GDF Suez, Total, Centrica, EDF and Sunfish in a range of roles including energy/oil trader, corporate responsibility executive, human resources, energy consultant, legal analyst, PR and communications, business development, internal audit, fuel supply and logistics analyst, various project management roles, data analytics and corporate governance to name a few. You can read more about Aislinn Hetteyey, a wells contract analysts and Anja Kavli Furevold, a climate change analyst.

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