Sep 22 2014

Anders S. Høifødt – Associate, Pareto

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Anders S. Høifødt
Graduated: MSc Accounting and Finance (2004)
Occupation: Associate at Pareto
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Sep 22 2014

How do UK careers services work? A guide for Chinese students

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shuxiu zhangIn this blog, Shuxiu Zhang talks about the way careers services operate in the UK and China and highlights some of the differences between them.

In China, perhaps a career centre will contribute immensely to the job seeking process to the extent of identifying and connecting students to a job prospect or with employers. At LSE Careers, this is not the case. Although LSE Careers has a wealth of resources and posts about job vacancies, it does not match students to potential future employment. What it is responsible for, is the training process that aids your understanding about what employers of various sectors look for in an employee. They don’t tell you what job to do but will talk through your options and interests with you. Continue reading

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Sep 19 2014

Guest blog – Internships: when’s the best time to apply?

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Guest blog written by Oliver Moore of media agency Performics:

It’s begun. Students from all over the country are loading up their most treasured possessions and heading to their respective universities. With the pressure rising in the job market, students are defining their careers from their first year at university as they develop interests and begin to learn more about their subjects in greater depth. Internships can play a vital role in students’ lives, as they help them better understand the application of their skills and how to function in the workplace.

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Sep 18 2014

Connor Russell wins volunteering award from Mayor of London

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LSE Volunteer of the Year 2014 Connor Russell won the Under 25′s category for Mentoring and Coaching in the Team London volunteering awards at City Hall for his work with IntoUniversity last night (17 September).
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Sep 17 2014

LSE Careers is hiring for part time on-campus work

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Looking for some part time work throughout the academic year? Something that is on campus and will fit in with your studies and exams?

LSE Careers is looking to recruit casual student helpers to help us with numerous events and projects throughout the year. This will include lending a hand at careers fairs, shifts with LSE Catering, and occasional administrative work across LSE Departments.

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Sep 12 2014

Falling Walls Lab London 2014: do you have an idea to inspire humanity?

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A.T. Kearney invites master students and PhD candidates to share their research and entrepreneurial ideas in three minutes to a panel of luminaries from the worlds of academia, research and business.

Falling Walls Lab is a new challenging, inspiring and interdisciplinary format for young bright minds. It offers the opportunity for young academics and professionals to present outstanding ideas, research projects and initiatives from all disciplines. The winners of the London Lab on 17 October will be given the opportunity to present their research at the final Falling Walls Lab in Berlin in November, where they will share their winning ideas with 100 finalists from all over the globe. The prize includes a ticket for the Falling Walls conference, the International Conference on Future Breakthroughs in Science and Society. Travel and accommodation costs to Berlin from 8-9 November 2014 will be also covered.

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Sep 11 2014

Kennedy scholarships for study at Harvard University and MIT

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The 2015-2016 Kennedy scholarships for postgraduate study at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are now open for applications. They are open to British citizens ordinarily resident in the UK who will have graduated by the time of taking up an award and will have spent at least two of the seven academic years prior to 1 September 2015 studying at a university in the UK.

The award offers includes full fees & health insurance, a tax-free stipend of $25,500, a contribution towards flights and an additional travel grant of $2,500.

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Sep 10 2014

Fulbright Awards for US study now open for applications

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The Fulbright Awards Programme offers a wide range of exchange opportunities to UK citizens and generous support for postgraduate study and research in the United States.

Whilst the postgraduate student awards give funding for individuals to pursue any academic subject at any US higher education institution, the Commission also offers scholarships and professional awards for academics and professionals to lecture, study and/or conduct research in the US.

Representatives from the US-UK Fulbright Commission will be delivering a seminar to current students here at LSE on Friday 17 October if you want to ask questions or find out more. See the Fulbright website for more information.

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Sep 8 2014

Adapting to life at the LSE

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shuxiu zhangThis is the first in a series of blogs specifically for international students covering careers related topics including business etiquette and what Chinese companies are looking for.  Here Shuxiu Zhang reflects back on what it was like to start at the LSE and shares her tips for how to adapt to this new, exciting, environment.

It’s been days of endless brainstorming and writing shopping lists followed by packing and re-packing for what eventually became four years of student life at the LSE, first as an MSc student in International Political Economy, followed by a PhD in the Department of International Relations. September 2009 was an exciting month. It was the month after all the final hassles of enrolment at LSE were confirmed, and it was the month when the stress of arranging the logistics of my move ceased to terrorise my anxiety. All that was left now was the packing. Although frustrated at the thought of packing a whole new life into a 20kg luggage, I nonetheless found myself excited, night after night, feeding my bag items that eventually constituted the foundational artefacts of the next four years of my life just gone by!

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Sep 5 2014

Hello LSE! My first week as the new entrepreneurship intern

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It’s a happy Friday here at LSE Careers. I’m thinking this mostly because the weekend is fast approaching, but also because of the lovely individuals sitting around me.

As a new “former student”, I’ve been spending my summer wistfully reflecting on my past 3 years at LSE. One particular thought which did cross my mind was, “Did I make the most of what LSE had to offer?” – the answer undoubtedly being no. My first week here, as Generate at LSE Careers’ new intern, has confirmed this to me.

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