Jul 21 2014

Lisa Robinson – Project Manager, BBC World Service Trust

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Lisa Robinson
Graduated: Global Media and Communications (2005)
Occupation: Project Manager for BBC World Service Trust
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Jul 21 2014

Don’t know what you want to do? Then use LSE Careers!

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Did you know, LSE Careers works with students who don’t know what they want to do? That we know about career areas other than banking, law and consulting? Here Emma Forth, an LSE International History student, dispels a few myths and shares her experiences of using LSE Careers.

Emma forth photo” It may come as a shock, but not everyone knows exactly what they want to do when they leave LSE and enter the ‘real world’. Although what seems like a large majority have clear career paths planned out from the second they step on campus in Orientation Week, there are quite a few of us that buck the trend and really don’t have a clue! In such a highly competitive and career-orientated environment it can be completely overwhelming when thinking about the future and admitting you’re a little bit lost, and that’s where Careers comes in.

Booking an appointment with a Careers Consultant at LSE Careers at the start of my second year to spruce up my CV (and hopefully obtain advice on some sort of career direction) was the best thing I could have done. The only thing I was confident of was that I’d no intention of working in the banking or law sectors. Knowing how controversial this can be in some LSE circles, I half expected to be greeted with a desperate attempt to convert me! Instead, I’ve been supported every step of the way. Careers have helped edit my CV to suit applications for media related jobs, offered practice interviews for graduate schemes, and offered endless advice on where to go after graduation.

It can be really easy to forget there are a plethora of options out there outside of the ‘LSE comfort zone’. Without Careers, I would not have had the confidence to pursue the sectors that are right for me, and I certainly wouldn’t have known where to even start. LSE Careers is a resource that’s useful to all, but I’d argue invaluable to those of us that don’t necessarily have it all figured out. They’ll listen, point you in the right direction and support you from application to job offer: quite frankly, you’d be foolish not to pay them a visit.”

We do hope Emma’s experience will encourage you to come in and see us too! Feedback is really important to us so please do complete the feedback survey that will be in your in-box today or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter if you want to tell us something.


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Jul 16 2014

Insight into CSR Careers

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Corporate responsibility, CSR, inclusive business!  One thing graduates looking to carve a career in CR can find quite confusing is the jargon.  Here is some collective wisdom from the Career Consultant team into what a career in CSR involves and how to get started. Continue reading

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Jul 15 2014

University of Law scholarships available to students

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The University of Law is offering a range of scholarships and bursaries to students studying on either the GDL, LLM LPC or BPTC during the 2014/15 academic year. These consist of £1,000 towards your fees and include a week-long work placement at a participating law firm, barristers’ chambers or other legal employers.

In order to be eligible you must have accepted a place at the institution, and the bursaries will be available in waves throughout the next couple of months. Six bursaries are available for applications submitted before 31 July and nine before 12 September.

You can find out more on the University of Law website.

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Jul 14 2014

Finding the hidden job opportunities

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If you are currently looking for opportunities but not finding anything of interest on CareerHub then do not despair! During the summer months there are opportunities, and plenty of excellent ones, but they are often found through more creative job seeking channels. Career Consultant Saffron Fidgett has listed below some techniques that you can get going with straight away:

  1. Utilise your web of contacts. You have a bigger web of contacts than you may realise which includes friends, family, colleagues from previous work placements and LSE peers, staff and alumni. Word of mouth is very powerful, the more people that know you are looking for opportunities and what your key skills, strengths and career interests are the better – they can help connect and refer you to relevant companies and recruiters.
  2. Get Networking – offline and online. A great platform for online networking is LinkedIn – build your connection base, get involved in relevant groups and update your profile so it stands out to recruiters. Through LinkedIn and other popular social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook & Google+) you can also follow companies and get alerted to job opportunities as soon as they become available. Offline networking is also a great way to find those hidden jobs –meet influential people at conferences, employer presentations and by attending networking meet-ups and summer networking parties. Search for those hosted by professional membership bodies or organisations within your target industries.
  3. Apply directly through companies. Not all companies use job boards and may only advertise on their own website, this is also where you will find rolling opportunities. Make a list of companies you would like to work for, keep an eye on their website and contact the HR team to see if any opportunities are coming up. Look for opportunities at a range of organisations within your chosen industry – don’t discount smaller start-up or niche organisations then can offer great opportunities. Make ‘speculative applications’ writing a tailored covering letter and CV and delivering it direct to the company to position yourself for opportunities.
  4. Finally some take-away key tips – the 3 ‘P’s’ : Be prepared – research and work from a list of organisations you want to target & make sure your CV is tailored to sell your abilities. Be pro-active and seek out opportunities and events to attend, follow up with people you meet and connect with them on LinkedIn so they can see your professional portfolio and background. Be persistent use multiple channels; don’t just rely on one and make time to do as many quality applications as you can.

Remember, LSE Careers is open all summer to help you with your job search.

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Jul 11 2014

Less than three weeks left to apply for a training contract

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There are now less than three weeks left to apply for a training contract, with most closing on Thursday 31 July. Have a look at the firms and deadlines listed at AllAbout Law before it’s too late:

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Jul 11 2014

Law firms implementing ‘CV-blind’ interviews

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LSE Careers has recently met with a number of firms who have introduced CV-blind interviews into their recruitment processes as a way of boosting social mobility within their London offices.

This means that although your CV will be read in detail by the recruitment teams, when it comes to the partner interview, your interviewers will have no idea about your background, grades or university.  It’s therefore up to you to sell yourselves to them on the basis of what’s said in the interview rather than any background information.

Magic circle firm Clifford Chance has been running such a scheme for a number of months, with Mayer Brown interviewing for its next trainee cycle on such a basis. Another, Macfarlanes, has introduced a CV-blind policy for places on its vacation scheme.


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Jul 8 2014

National student challange

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Win up to £1000 and a paid internship with Siemens! The national student challenge is your chance to take on the country and represent your university, win cash prizes and a paid Siemens internship! This unique online challenge offers the opportunity to perfect assessment skills similar to those used by leading graduate recruiters. Improve your employability, enhance your skills and if you score in the top 50 you’ll be invited to the grand final this October! So what are you waiting for? Visit the Target Jobs website and take the challenge today!

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Jul 8 2014

Azunda are on the hunt for Graduate of the Year 2014

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Adzunda has just launched a nationwide competition to find the UK’s Graduate of the Year 2014. The winner will secure an internship with a top UK employer (including Google, L’Oreal, Sony & eBay), £1,000 cash and a CV mentoring session with a top UK entrepreneur. Apply before 23 August.

Adzuna  is on a mission to showcase the brightest and best graduates from the London School of Economics to give 2014 university leavers encouragement and to show the world some of the young talent top universities are producing this year. The universities attended by the finalists last year were featured in The Sunday Times, The Telegraph & The Evening Standard and were seen by over 100,000 people on social media.

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Jul 3 2014

Graduating this summer? Don’t forget to update your contact details!

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Six months after graduation, all UK universities are required to contact their recent alumni and find out what they are doing; whether you’re working, studying or both. The results of this survey are extremely useful to prospective students when deciding which programme to choose, as well as featuring in newspaper league tables and other UK benchmarks.

We’ll send you an email in November asking you to complete an online survey. If we don’t hear from you, you may be contacted by telephone in January to fill in the survey over the phone.

Therefore, it’s extremely important for us that you make sure that your contact information in LSE for You is as up-to-date as possible – please update it before you leave LSE.

To see what previous LSE graduates were doing six months after graduation, visit LSE’s Graduate Destinations webpages.

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