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    Finding your own path: one PhD’s non-traditional career journey

Finding your own path: one PhD’s non-traditional career journey

LSE PhD students move on to many and varied careers. The options are vast and you probably don’t yet know all those that are relevant to you. Here, Teresa Whitney (LSE PhD 2015, Social Psychology) describes how she taught herself about her dream job and offers her insights for how you might do this too.
The challenge

I didn’t go in […]

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How to ‘engage’ with public engagement

PhD students probably tire of hearing about public engagement, and how their research ‘fits’ in. It’s too niche, how will I explain it, would the public be interested? Taking the chance to get involved in school-wide activities provides a fantastic opportunity to raise a public profile about your research, without much effort and build a personal research portfolio at […]

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PhD Internships? Yes, it’s a thing!

A good thing.
PhD internships provide you with an opportunity to widen your experience and achieve knowledge exchange. Find out more about what’s available for PhD students and learn about one student’s recent experience during his summer internship.
During summer 2018, LSE PhD student Tim Monteath from the Sociology Department spent 12 weeks at the Alan Turing Institute,  the national institute […]

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    Women’s careers in academia: ‘Institutions are greedy’

Women’s careers in academia: ‘Institutions are greedy’

Experienced women academics shared insights regarding the early development and progression of careers in academia, from both their own career experience and from their research and leadership experience in academic institutions at an event recently hosted in the PhD Academy by LSE Careers. We agreed that ‘Institutions are greedy’ and individuals benefit from: 1) reflecting on their career; 2) working […]

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Getting started on your PhD

With Freshers Week over and term starting proper, we thought it would be helpful to share some top tips with different groups of you about getting started and making the most of your time.

Here PhD student Mia Certo shares her top 5 tips for anyone about to embark on a PhD about how to make the best start possible.


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Interview with an LSE Alum: Dr Natalia Buitron

This week read all about LSE Alum and current LSE postdoc fellow Natalia’s experience and journey as student, teacher and researcher, and her plans for the future. We hope it inspires you!
Tell us about your career path to date.

After I finished my MSc in the Anthropology of Learning and Cognition at LSE, I started a PhD in Social Anthropology […]


Life after the PhD: A Mature Student’s Perspective

Dr Keren Darmon spoke at our recent mature students’ lunch about her experience of working in the communications industry before studying for her PhD as a mature student. Keren is an associate member of the Department of Media and Communications at LSE, where she recently completed her PhD. Her thesis is a feminist media studies project, entitled “Representing SlutWalk London […]


Interviews for Academic Posts

If you’re currently undertaking a PhD you may already be thinking about life after the viva, in particular, securing an academic position. But before that happens, you have to have an academic interview! Fear not, our recent PhD Seminar with Anton Harder, LSE PhD International History (2016) and Bernard Keenan, LSE PhD Law (2018) covered just that. Both Anton, who […]


Applying for post doc funding and research fellowships

It’s tough making post doc applications. The competition is stiff. Is the effort worth it?

Last week at the LSE Careers Seminar we heard how to make successful applications from two different points of view. Perhaps, you could be successful too! Learn from our speakers:

Dr Joseph Downing, Marie-Curie Fellow at Aix-Marseille Université and PhD 2014, LSE European Institute
Professor Linda […]

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What to do after a PhD

So, how do we learn about careers from LSE PhD graduates?

We want to know about PhD graduates who leave and how they move on so we use statistics and stories. In this Blog, I’ll focus on what we have learnt recently about moving into roles outside academia after graduating from an LSE PhD.


We collect data on the first destinations […]

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How to plan your PhD application

The LSE Careers team have been seeing quite a few students asking about the process of applying for a PhD.  Here Hannah Cottrell, a PhD student in the Department of Anthropology, shares her insights into the process and some of the things you need to think about when putting together a PhD application.

Know the PhD application requirements inside out […]

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Preparing for a career in academia

PhD students and researchers wanting to pursue an academic career will need a range of experience, built up during (and after) the period of PhD study.
LSE PhD Graduates tell their tales of progressing into academia

Ruth Garland (Media and Comms 2014) “an emerging scholar at 50 – odd” now Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire
David Hope (Government […]

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Starting again: an ‘emerging scholar’ at 50-odd?

Guest post by Ruth Garland, LSE PhD alumna:
A late career change is exciting and energising but it throws up many contradictions. Last week, for example, I was honoured to be asked to chair a conference session on behalf of the youth section of the European media and communications research association, ECREA. I was one of the oldest people in the […]

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    Career options after a PhD. What are you thinking? How are you feeling?

Career options after a PhD. What are you thinking? How are you feeling?

Are you thinking about roles in or outside academia? Could you have both?
Are you feeling curious, confident, confused or concerned?

Career conversations with PhD students tend to focus on two employment sectors: in and outside academia. But in a complex labour market is there a simple binary divide between these employment worlds? Your future might involve both. Putting aside tricky questions about […]

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    Part way through your PhD at LSE? Find out how LSE Careers can support you

Part way through your PhD at LSE? Find out how LSE Careers can support you

Blog by Catherine Reynolds, Careers Consultant for PhD students and research staff

Welcome to the new academic year to all our returning PhD students.

Part way through your PhD might be a good time to review where you are heading and make plans for the next few years and LSE Careers can help you.

The annual LSE Careers PhD programme brochure 2017/18 is also online; it […]

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    Everything you need to know about careers if you’re starting a PhD at LSE

Everything you need to know about careers if you’re starting a PhD at LSE

A very warm welcome from Catherine Reynolds, Careers Consultant for PhD students and research staff!

We have many years’ experience of working with PhD students from all departments and offer a substantial programme of career development for PhD students looking to develop their career in academic or in other employment sectors. We run specialist events, fairs, seminars and talks throughout the year […]

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Making the transition from a PhD to a permanent role

Guest blog by David Hope (PhD Political Science), now a permanent Lecturer in Political Economy at King’s College London and a Visiting Research Fellow at the LSE International Inequalities Institute:
It is a daunting prospect coming to the end of a PhD and looking to take that next step and secure a permanent job in academia. For four or five […]


Do you want to try the UK academic job market?

The first destination employment rates for LSE PhD graduates are consistently high at over 90% and about 60% of LSE PhD graduates tell us that they have jobs in teaching and or research in higher education six months after graduating. The majority of jobs in academia are advertised on the easily searchable
What type of roles are available?
Alison C […]


Crafting PhD CV(s) – yes you will have more than one CV!

More than half of LSE PhD students work outside academia after their studies. For some, the transition is smooth, for others the journey is longer and involves some rejections from employers before securing the first post-PhD position. A well prepared CV or application form will increase your chances of success in any sector and many PhD students and graduates […]


Finding your way after a PhD – lessons from your peers

To learn more about PhD career progression, we invited four LSE PhD alumni to speak about their experiences of finishing up and moving on to work beyond traditional academic roles. They told exciting stories from a variety of perspectives of people working in research, writing, and thought leadership in different sectors.

Having some ‘hutzpah’ was mentioned as a great way […]


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