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HOTSEAT: Kate Alexander Shaw on Budget 2015

In the wake of the first majority Conservative budget since the mid 90s, Kate Alexander Shaw discusses the implications of the policies outlined by George Osborne.

HOTSEAT: Simon Hix on the 2015 Queen’s Speech

Following the first Queen’s Speech under a Conservative majority since 1996, we sat down with Professor Simon Hix to discuss the key bills proposed by the government and what they might look like in practice.

HOTSEAT: The aftermath of the 2015 Election

As the dust settles following one of the most intriguing elections in recent history, we speak to Professor Tony Travers to discuss the result and what it means for parties across the political spectrum.

HOTSEAT: Tony Travers reacts to ‘shock’ election result

In the days leading up to the 2015 General Election many experts were predicting a hung parliament, with much of the speculation focusing on the various forms a coalition or minority government could take.

David Lammy MP: A Vision for London’s Future

David Lammy, Member of Parliament for Tottenham and a 2016 Labour London Mayoral candidate, outlined his vision for London’s future in a speech at the LSE on 24 March.

Discussing the opportunities and challenges that exist in London as a globally significant city which remains unequal and divided, Mr Lammy MP set out plans for how to ensure all Londoners […]

Elections Coverage

As the 2015 UK General Election draws near, we look back at the 2014 Local and European elections to consider what, if anything, the results can tell us about the outcome on May 7.

On Thursday 22 May 2014, UK voters took to the polls for both the local and European elections. Professor Tony Travers and Professor Simon Hix were invited […]

Diane Abbot MP Speaks at the LSE

On Wednesday 22 October the Department of Government welcomed Diane Abbot MP to the LSE to discuss the challenges London faces as ‘A Tale of Two Cities.’  You can read a shortened version of the speech or watch a video of the event below.  Diane Abbott on London: A Tale of Two Cities – Video

Five minutes with Patrick Dunleavy

This post originally appeared on the British Politics and Public Policy blog.

In late May 2014, the UK Treasury released a press release ahead of a major report UK minsters were issuing on the costs of setting up an independent Scottish state. Joel Suss, Managing Editor of British Politics and Policy blog, asks Patrick Dunleavy about the way in which the Treasury […]

Conservatives in the North Labour in the South

By Prof. Tony Travers

The decline in Britain’s ‘two-party’ political system is well-documented.  In the 1951 general election, the total Conservative-plus-Labour vote was 97 per cent, yet in 2010 it had declined to 65 per cent.  The Liberal Democrats (and their predecessor parties, the Liberals and Social Democrats) had, until the 2010 election, been the main beneficiaries of this decline.  […]

HotSeat: UKIP and the European Elections

Dr Maja Kluger Rasmussen, LSE Fellow in Public Policy and Administration, took to the Hotseat recently to talk about UKIP and the European Elections.

Speaking to presenter Martin Rogers, Dr Rasmussen discussed the party’s prospects in the upcoming European Parliament elections, and the challenges faced by the party in future:
“The main challenge after the European Parliament election in May is […]

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