My latest book is ‘WikiLeaks: News In The Networked Era’ available from Amazon here (there will be a Kindle version at some point).

You can watch a video of me talking about the key issues in the book here

You can get a video or audio podcast of a lecture I gave based on the book in November 2011 here

The book was written with James Ball who used to work at WikiLeaks and is now at the Guardian. It is an attempt both to tell the history of WikiLeaks and assess its significance in the context of wider changes in journalism and political communications.

Clay Shirky was kind enough to say this about the book:

‘In this terrific book, Charlie Beckett and James Ball weave the disparate threads of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks – the future of journalism, of statecraft, of secrecy – into a readable and compelling narrative. Essential for anyone interested in the future of free speech or global politics’