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This June, Polis hosted speakers from across the media to talk about their insights in to topics including new trends, positive news, investigative reporting and reporting humanitarian crises.

Jodie Jackson from the Constructive Journalism Project on her insights into the psychological benefits of consuming more ‘constructive’ news.

Kieran Yates- Freelance Journalist and Editor on her route into journalism through unconventional means

Leslie Knott, a […]

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    Quizzes and Polls – Is this trend in journalism here to stay?

Quizzes and Polls – Is this trend in journalism here to stay?

By Summer School student Yunfei Cheng on a talk by Telegraph Trending Journalist Helena Horton

In the context of ever-shifting digital tools and trends, journalists need to adapt their content and formats to attract larger audiences and increase online traffic.

For Helena Horton, Trending Journalist at The Telegraph, one example of innovation comes in the form of online quizzes or polls that […]


The biggest leak: the Panama Papers

By Hamza Iftikhar

Luke Harding is an award-winning foreign correspondent with the Guardian. He has reported from Delhi, Berlin and Moscow and has covered wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. His new book Mafia State: How one reporter became an enemy of the brutal new Russia, is published by Guardian Books. He worked on the Guardian’s collaboration with WikiLeaks and Ed […]


The psychology of a more constructive journalism

There’s a lot of talk about how journalists can create more ‘positive’ news but what is the audience psychology behind the idea? Jodi Jackson of ‘Positive News’ spoke at the Polis/LSE Summer School about Constructive Journalism and how it could benefit from a better understanding of the mind of the news consumer. LSE Summer School student Megha Singh Chauhan reports.

The sheer amount […]


A New Age of Art and Journalism (Summer School guest blog)

In the midst of the mass media coverage of migrants and refugees, Tom Saxby (graphic designer) and Daniel Castro (photographer) set out to capture a different version of the truth. Over 7 weeks they visited refugee and migrant ‘hot spots’, and when they came back they brought their community a passport of people on their way to a better […]