How to tell development stories – Bill Clinton at LSE

If all those books about political communications are to be believed then it should be easy to be as effective as Bill Clinton with the help of some speech writers, spin doctors and image consultants. Yet what is remarkable is how few politicians master the art of effortless, instinctive, impactful (sorry Robert Jay) speech.

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Insight from the Other World- A Marketing Professional Speaks on NGOs’ Communication Challenges

What happens when you bring together a commercial marketing man with a group of communications, fund-raising and marketing officers from a selection of the UK’s international aid charities? Polis Intern Paula Myers reports on a recent Polis report launch. “What’s the idea we can use?” Giles Hedger of the commercial marketing agency Leo Burnett shared his perspective on the challenges […]


Who Cares? Challenges and Opportunities in Reporting Distant Suffering (new report)

On June 27th at 5.30pm, Polis will launch a new report exploring the challenges and opportunities in reporting distant suffering. The report written by Dr Shani Orgad based on research by a team  from LSE and Birkbeck College will be of interest to NGO’s and Journalists working within marketing and media coverage of disasters, human rights and development.

Speakers at […]

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How did Kony2012 Go Viral and Should We Copy It?

In this short draft extract from a much longer paper I argue that what made #Kony2012 go viral was not the slick content or the Invisible Children brand – it was its focus on networking as an end in itself.


Kony2012 and the digital challenge to the public sphere (new research paper)

This is a short early draft extract from a much longer paper I am writing for the International Broadcasting Trust on the future of the ‘public sphere’ in the digital age. In other words, how does our ability to communicate about international issues around development, human rights and justice change in the Internet era? In this short extract I look […]