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    The Generation Game: signs of hope as news media industry change matures?

The Generation Game: signs of hope as news media industry change matures?

New media is now old. This year, the internet celebrates its 45th birthday, while online news in the UK has reached adulthood. Any publishing strategy needs to understand that we are now in a ‘three generations in one’ news industry. There
are still the legacy products like ‘dead tree’ newspapers and analogue broadcast but there is also the content re-versioned […]


What Comes Next For The Media Business Model When We Are All Digital First?

Just about everyone I talk to in the business is at the point where they ‘get it’. They know that digital technologies are changing their production methods and the way their material is consumed and paid for. They don’t want to be hectored about Web 3.0 by either digital dreamers or prophets of doom. So here’s my attempt to identify what […]


From fee to mutual? What kind of BBC do you want to emerge from Charter Renewal?

If the BBC is such great value then why do we have to take 180,000 people to court every year to make them pay for it? In answering that question we soon get into a discussion about how public service broadcasting should be financed and what role it has in relation to the increasingly convergent media industries. That is a […]


Life’s A Media Riot (Speech to Almedalen in Sweden)

This is the text of a speech I gave at the extraordinary annual Swedish political festival called ‘Almedalen’, when the whole political class of the country moves to a Baltic island for a week of debate open to the public. You can hear interviews I did for Swedish radio here. The theme was the future of ‘quality’ or public service journalism. […]


A strategic approach to the new threats and opportunities for Public Service Media

Public Service Media like the rest of the industry is facing a tough time across Europe. In the Netherlands the government has ordered a wholesale restructuring as well as deep budget reductions. It’s a moment for the NPO to think again about what it is for. These are some notes from my talk to a symposium in Hilversum for Dutch […]


The Business of Bling: How Hip Hop Makes American Music History (guest blog)

From the ‘ethnic minstrelsy’ of Tin Pan Alley in the early 20th century, to the bling culture of Hip Hop – American popular music has been both big business and a vital ingredient in the US cultural melting pot. Polis Intern Christine Flamsholt Jensen reports on a talk by Columbia University Professor David Hajdu about how outsiders made music that […]

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Facebook: why shouldn’t you trust them?

If Facebook was a country – so the false analogy goes – it would be the world’s third largest with 500+ million ‘inhabitants’. But what’s it like to live there? I know that Facebook isn’t a country, but I wonder if people who use it are starting to think of it in those terms. Let me explain.


Profiting From The Web: The Ethics Of The New Media Environment

These are my notes from a talk given to the Web Science Conference, ‘Profiting From the New Web’ on Monday May 23rd, 2011 at the Royal Society. You can see the slides here. I want to start by saying that yes, everybody and every Company is now a media company. We all create and consume media. Media is now environmental.[1]


Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer at POLIS/LSE on May 25th


I was delighted to chair a lecture by Sheryl Sandberg, Facebooks’ Chief Operating Officer. The title is ‘It’s all about people’

The audio podcast is available here.

You can read an excellent live blog report by @joannejacobs here.

Another interesting and mildly critical review here.

We are witnessing the transformation of the web from the information web to the social web.  This has profound […]


Why Is HuffPo Coming Here?

Is the launch of a UK Huffington Post a serious venture, or is this just a half-hearted attempt to turn AOL’s latest acquisition into a global franchise? On the face of it there isn’t much going for the idea. The online Guardian already provides a place where liberals get their news and they can fight with non-liberals on Comment Is […]