The Polis Journalism Conference April 5th 2013 #PolisTrust

We will post a link here to the video of the sessions in the near future. You can find the links to the video and audio podcasts next to the speakers in the schedule below. (Scroll down). You can find details of the 2014 Conference here Here are some links to news or blog coverage of the conference: BBC Newsroom […]


What it’s like to tell a story without social media and why I will never do so again (Guest blog)

Imagine doing your journalism without any social media. Imagine your newsroom is actually restricted by law in what social media it can use. That was the situation for Austrian radio correspondent Nadja Hahn who has spent the last month at Polis, LSE researching the value of social media for public service journalism. Here is her valedictory post. Download her research […]

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“Insipid, pious, cliched and gushing”: the problem with Thought For The Day

The problem with BBC Radio Four Today Programme’s Thought For The Day slot is not (just) that it’s religious. It’s that it’s so bad. As a mildly active atheist I do object to the privileged time slot handed over to organised religion. They have enough pulpits – and even seats in the House of Lords – without giving them three […]

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