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Charlie Beckett

March 27th, 2013

The Polis Journalism Conference April 5th 2013 #PolisTrust

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Charlie Beckett

March 27th, 2013

The Polis Journalism Conference April 5th 2013 #PolisTrust

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Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

IMG_2379We will post a link here to the video of the sessions in the near future. You can find the links to the video and audio podcasts next to the speakers in the schedule below. (Scroll down).

You can find details of the 2014 Conference here

Here are some links to news or blog coverage of the conference:

BBC Newsroom Head: ‘Trust has been restored’

Sun Journalists ‘badly affected by Leveson’ says readers’ editor

News International was thinking of closing News of the World months before the Dowler story says Nick Davies (Press Gazette)

Four Tips on Finding Stories From Diverse Communities

Seven Examples of Audience Collaboration

Notes on Churnalism

A blog by Robert Philips reflecting on the Trust in Power session: Polising The State of Media

A Media Policy Project blog on their session looking at What Does Public Interest Mean For Whistleblowers?

A blog response from international journalism student Maria Castellani Why Should Young Journalists Trust An Industry That Doesn’t Trust Them

A blog response from Maxine Harrison on three sessions: ‘a good way of getting insight into the Journalism industry’

A neat little podcast response and interview by Anita Chagar on her experience of the conference – what good was it for someone wanting a career in journalism?

You can see photographs from the conference here

If we get slides or videos by presenters to share we will add them next to their names on the schedule inside this post below.

Click here to download a pdf of the Polis Conference Schedule 2013Click here for Short Speaker Biographies for Polis Conference which includes all their Twitter  names.  The hashtag for the conference is #PolisTrust

It is an all-day conference with two auditoriums – sessions will run in parallel, from Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 11.06.409am to 4pm in the New Academic Building, Lincolns Inn Fields, LSE.

There will be debates on the issue of Trust, but also more practical sessions with journalists describing how they deliver cutting edge trustworthy journalism in the digital age.

The keynote conversation will be Nick Davies from the Guardian – a veteran investigative reporter who is currently finishing his book on how he broke the phone-hacking scandal that led to the Leveson inquiry.

Here is the schedule:

Please note that most of the speakers are journalists and so their appearance is partly dependent on the news! Names and timings may change.


Polis Conference Schedule 2013 #PolisTrust

Subject to change!



Sheikh Zayed Theatre

0900 Introduction

Charlie Beckett, Director, Polis, LSE



Trust and the BBC

Chair: Steve Hewlett

Speaker: Mary Hockaday, Head of the BBC Newsroom.

Video podcast here


Trust in Newspapers: video of this session now online here

How can the press regain the trust of the public in the wake of phone-hacking, Leveson and budget cuts?

Chair:  Steve Hewlett

Phillipa Kennedy (Sun Ombudsperson)

Neil Wallis (ex News of the World)

Alexi Mostrous (The Times)

Martin Hickman (The Independent)
1100 Break – free refreshments



TV Revealed:

Budgets are under pressure, rolling news cuts time, so how do TV journalists manage to produce quality journalism?

Chair: Stewart Purvis,

Laura Kuenssberg, Business Editor, ITV News

Sophy Ridge, Sky News

Shelley Jofre, Panorama, BBC

Jenny Kleeman, Unreported World, Channel 4



Phone-hacking, ‘churnalism’ and the future of journalism

Keynote conversation:

Nick Davies (The Guardian)

Chair : Ben Fenton



1300-1400 Lunch – free drinks and sandwiches



Trust In Europe Video and audio podcasts here

As the European economic crisis continues, what can journalists do when the public lose trust in their leaders?

Chair: Mike Mullane (EBU)

Barbara Serra, Al-Jazeera, Italy

Nik Gowing, BBC

Asun Gomez TVE

Kelly Evans, CNBC

Jonty Bloom, BBC



Trust in Power

Who is to blame for the growing public scepticism about democracy in the UK? Politicians or the news media?

Chair: Charlie Beckett (LSE)

Robert Phillips (Writer on Citizen and State)

Ian Leslie (Author ‘Born Liars’)

Paul Staines (Guido Fawkes)

Douglas Carswell MP


Wolfson Theatre Sessions:



LSE Media Policy Project Session

Gags, blags and whistle-blowers – regulating talking to the press

How should we control – if at all – the way that journalists talk to those in power or those who want to give away secrets?

LSE Media Policy Project Session

Chair: Andrew Scott, LSE Department of Law & LSE Media Policy Project

Barry Fitzpatrick, (Deputy General Secretary, National Union of Journalists)

Gavin Millar, QC

Andrew Bousfield, (Private Eye)



How to build trust in your journalism? Video and audio podcasts here

What can news media organisations do in the digital age to build the confidence and engagement of their audiences?

Chair: Charlie Beckett (LSE)

Ruurd Bierman (former director Dutch public service broadcaster NOS)

Cilla Benkö (DG, Swedish Radio);

Trushar Barot, BBC


1100-1130 Break



Skills For The Future

What do you need to know and what skills do you need to be a journalist in the digital age?

Chair: Kurt Barling (BBC)

Launch of BBC Innovation Award – David Hayward (BBC Academy)

Jonathan Baker, BBC College of Journalism

Prof Richard Sambrook (Cardiff University)



How to use social media for journalism Video and audio podcasts here

What can journalists do with social media to improve their journalism?

Chair:  Matthew Eltringham, BBC Academy

Yasmine El Rafie (Polis Fellow – how to use social media to network BME people)

Nadja Hahn, ORF (Polis Fellow – how to use social media for public service media)
1300-1400 Lunch

Churnalism – How To Avoid It

In an age of aggregation and digitally driven public relations combined with reduced newsroom resources, how do journalists stay honest and avoid recycling spin?

Chair: James Ball (Guardian)

Sian Kevill, (MAKE Media)

Alison Gow  (North Wales Daily Post)

Emma Slater (New Journalist of the Year)



Trust In Digital

How can journalists use the new digital tools for social media and data analysis to create more exciting and effective journalism?

Chair: James Ball (Guardian)

Esra Dogramaci – social media expert

Nicola Hughes – Knight Mozilla/Guardian

Marianne Bouchart – Bloomberg



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