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Periodismo, redes y la nueva política interconectada

For Spanish readers here is the beginning of an article I wrote on the new networked political journalism for Estudios de Politica Exterior. You can download the article here as a pdf Internet y la telefonía móvil han dotado a los ciudadanos de nuevas herramientas de expresión y activismo político. Desde las revueltas árabes los medios de comunicación tradicionales han […]


PERPETUAL ENGAGEMENT: The Potential And Pitfalls Of Using Social Media For Political Campaigning (A new POLIS paper)

We live in an age where the citizen feels increasingly sceptical about and disconnected from those people who run our lives. Paradoxically, this is also an era when the communicative power of new media technologies mean that the potential for interaction between voter and politicians has never been greater. In this new POLIS report, to be launched at our Media […]


Another election where (most) politicians failed to lead or connect

Elections are a wonderful way to tell us what we already know from opinion polls. Campaigns rarely shift the public perception, even during a referendum on a single issue. But these latest British votes seem to say something important, I think, about the continued failure of mainstream Westminster politics to communicate with the electorate. Roughly speaking, the results for the local, […]

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Don’t blame the media if your demo doesn’t work

Should you blame the media if your demo doesn’t work? Look at it from the journalist’s point of view for a second. There are three big dilemmas in reporting any major demonstration where there is violence.


Why Is HuffPo Coming Here?

Is the launch of a UK Huffington Post a serious venture, or is this just a half-hearted attempt to turn AOL’s latest acquisition into a global franchise? On the face of it there isn’t much going for the idea. The online Guardian already provides a place where liberals get their news and they can fight with non-liberals on Comment Is […]