Alec J Ross – My Media World Today And What I Would Like To Change About It

Alec J Ross was Hillary Clinton’s digital advisor when she was US Secretary of State. He advised on the 21st Century Statecraft programme that saw the US diplomatic service take to social media and millions of dollars go to media democracy activists around the world. He was also in the State Department when WikiLeaks made its major revelations about US […]


A Chinese perspective on Western coverage of China past and present

What would a 21st century Chinese media student make of a documentary about Nixon’s historic trip to China back in 1972? What would they think of former CNN correspondent Mike Chinoy’s view that Nixon colluded with China’s propaganda spin? And what they make of the view in this review of the film, that the Chinese government is still locked into […]


Was Nixon’s Visit to China a Harbinger for Chinese Media Policy?

This article by Polis intern Eryk Salvaggio  In a telling scene from Mike Chinoy’s documentary, “Assignment China: The Week that Changed the World,” an oral history of Richard Nixon’s historic 1972 visit to the PRC, American Journalist Ted Koppel describes Nixon’s first view of Great Wall.Along the wall were families on blankets, listening to radios, snapping pictures, and doing all […]


It was and it was not: Identity and the power of storytelling for Muslims (Guest blog)

Can a minority community use storytelling to create a new identity for itself instead of having its identity decided by majority culture? Polis Intern Paula Brito reports on a talk by US playwright and author Wajahat Ali and actor Riz Ahmed.  Who is being represented and by whom?  “We have our story told to us through others” says Wajahat Ali, […]

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Some media-related questions after Obama’s victory

Some media-related questions after Obama’s victory. (Some of these are stupid, some rhetorical, and the list will grow) Please feel free to suggest more via @CharlieBeckett or in the comments. 1. Why do political journalists still treat campaigns like theatre or sport when it is now maths? (cf Nate Silver)

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Sex, money and power: reporting America for Al Jazeera (guest blog with audio report)

It has been said that the two aspects of life most often lied about are sex and money – a stereotype that Zeina Awad  co-host of Al Jazeera English’s flagship American current affairs programme, Fault Lines, knows all too well. (This report by Polis intern, Lauren Maffeo – there is an excellent audio package about Al Jazeera based on this […]


Reporting America For Al Jazeera: Zeina Awad

Zeina Awad, correspondent for Al Jazeera’s Fault Lines programme, has one of the most interesting beats in international journalism covering America for a global news channel with a difference. On March 8th at 1pm at LSE she will discuss her work, which has included films on the rise of the Christian far right, the Occupy Wall Street movement and the globalization […]

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The American dream vs. the British reality – are they really that different? (guest blog)

This report on the Polis Special Relationship event with the BBC’s Justin Webb and the New York Times’ Sarah Lyall is by Polis intern Sorcha Pollak. In 1946 Winston Churchill coined the term ‘special relationship’ for the post-war alliance between the United Kingdom and the USA. Does this statement continue to ring true nearly 70 years on? This is what […]