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How to make a great first impression with your CV

Research shows that, on their first review of applicants, employers look at your CV for between 5-7 seconds, making it imperative that you make a great first impression. After putting time and energy into creating your perfect CV, it’s well worth spending a bit longer tailoring the information to help you stand out.

Think like an employer when writing your […]

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How to improve your networking skills

It’s funny – the very word ‘networking’ has the power to strike fear into even the boldest people. Visions of making small talk with strangers over warm white wine are what people conjure up. In reality, networking – or building relationships – is something that we do all the time and often without conscious effort.
Example of successful networking
Julia Mills, […]

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    What to do if you want a job that’s not related to your course

What to do if you want a job that’s not related to your course

Many opportunities are open to graduates of any discipline and what you’ve studied doesn’t necessarily dictate what you do afterwards. If you’ve decided on a job that’s not related to your course, what are the key things you can do to position yourself well?
Even if the job you’re applying for doesn’t require you to have directly relevant experience, you’ll […]

2 December 2016|LSE Careers|0 Comments|

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