Case Study interviews

Blog posts with information and advice on case interviews. Please visit the case interviews section of our website for more information.

How to prepare for case study interviews

Interested in a career in management consulting? Case studies interviews are essential part of the recruitment process and honing your skills now will be time well spent when you get an interview.

They’re designed to assess a candidate’s ability to analyse, interpret and communicate information. The interviewer wants to understand how you would approach the task, what you’d take into […]


Understanding case study interviews

How can we increase our market share? How do we go about launching this new product? How can we improve the company’s performance and grow?

These are just some of the problems or ‘cases’ that very senior management of global companies pose to management consultancies every day.

So any candidate looking to work in consulting needs to spend some time thinking […]


Selection processes

Once you successfully get through the first stage of the application process to the next round – you’re on your way from being a possible employee to a probable employee and should feel proud that your application has impressed your potential employers.

There are, however, a number of ways in which an employer may assess your suitability for a job […]


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