A controversial BBC film on assited suicide entitled ‘Choosing to Die’ has renewed the debate on the right to live versus the right to die or sanctity of life versus dignity of life. ‘Choosing to Die’ traces the life of a man diagnosed with motor neurone disease, his decision to end his life and the process at Dignitas in Switzerland. Sir Terry Pratchett, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, made this film to determine whether he’ll be able to die in a way and at the time he wants to.
The film has been criticised for being biased and for furthering a ‘pro-suicide’ propaganda while the BBC has been defending itself by saying that the film is an ‘exploration of a sensitive issue’ and is sparking a constructive debate.
Some of the most vehement criticism has come from disability rights activists revolving around the ‘price’ and ‘worth’ of lives and the implications of valuing different lives differently. This cartoon by the disabled cartoonist Dave Lupton, aka Crippen, spells out the resentment towards the film.

What are your views on this issue?

(c) Crippen/Dave Lupton