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Greece@LSE is the blog of the Hellenic Observatory, within the European Institute, at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The Hellenic Observatory (HO) focuses on contemporary Greece and Cyprus, studied within the frame of any of the social science disciplines.

Greece@LSE contributes to  central elements of the HO’s mission: to stimulate debate on current matters of public policy concern and to encourage wider participation in such debates. The blog enables LSE academics and associates to bring their expertise to bear on current issues and to invite comments from a wider public. The blog has no editorial ‘line’, no partisan view is favoured over others. We seek serious debate on the basis of reasoned argument, respecting diverse views. We do not invite comments that use offensive or derogatory language.

In short, Greece@LSE is a contemporary reflection of the LSE’s motto: rerum cognoscere causas – to understand the causes of things. We hope you will enjoy the blog….

The Hellenic Observatory

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