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Nov 23 2016

The new surrogacy law in India fails to balance regulation and rights

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*By Simran Aggarwal and Lovish Garg India has a thriving surrogacy market with an estimated valuation of over 2 billion USD. However, the industry – which has been largely unregulated until now – is expected to witness an extensive overhaul … Continue reading

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Nov 21 2016

Durable Solutions For Refugees: Principles And Implementation Strategy Of A General Framework

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By Liliana Lyra Jubilut* and André de Lima Madureira** Refugees count on 3 durable solutions: 1) local integration, 2) resettlement and 3) voluntary repatriation. They “allow them to rebuild their lives”[1] and “to live their lives in dignity and peace”[2]. Durable … Continue reading

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Nov 14 2016


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By Elizabeth Edwards* On Monday 24th October, I attended the London premiere of the documentary When Elephants Fight at the LSE.[1] What I watched left me both stunned and appalled. I would urge you all to find an opportunity to … Continue reading

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