The LSE human rights blog is a student-led project based in LSE Human Rights. It is a place for open discussion of ideas, events, and critical views on the topic of human rights – whatever the term means to you.

Anyone is free to contribute ideas for articles to the blog. LSE MSc Human Rights students and members of the LSE Human Rights Doctoral Network are welcome to join the Editorial Team. If you are a student interested in joining the editorial board, just send an email to humanrights.blog@lse.ac.uk

The views expressed on the blog belong to the author alone.

Elan Schwartz – Lead Editor

Elan Schwartz is currently a Masters Candidate for the MSc Human Rights program at LSE. She previously graduated from McGill University where she studied Philosophy and Anthropology. She has also completed the Foundation Year Programme at King’s University in Halifax. She is particularly interested in studying how technology and humanitarianism intersect. You can get in touch with her through LinkedIn.

Nadja Wipp – Lead Editor

Nadja Wipp is currently a MSc Student at LSE. She studied Political Science and International Relations in her undergraduate studies and specialised in her graduate degree on Human Rights. After working in the United States in the Think Tank and International Organization sphere, she became particularly interested in injustice and institutional racism in legal systems and human rights violations in El Salvador. You can get in touch with her via LinkedIn.

Johnny Patterson – Lead Editor

Johnny Patterson is a student on the MSc Human Rights programme. He has worked for two NGOs which specialise in East Asia, and is particularly interested in religious freedom and the implications of authoritarian sharp power for human rights. Twitter: @J_Pat94

Loïc Druenne – Editor

Loïc Druenne is currently a MSc Human Rights student at the LSE. He studied Sociology and Anthropology at the undergraduate level in Belgium and Religious Studies at the M.A. level in Canada. He focuses on religious minorities and the securitisation of religious liberties. He has worked for the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, for UNICEF and for the International Labour Organisation. In his free time, Loïc reads a lot, writes and researches his family history.

Tiko Khatchvani – Editor

Tiko (Tinatin) Khatchvani is a current candidate for MSc in Human Rights at LSE. He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Law and Social Sciences (with a major in Criminology). He has years of working experience for law enforcement of Georgia. He is a CoE and OSCE ODIHR certified trainer on non-discrimination and hate crimes. Tiko is interested in Human Rights within the Criminal Justice system.

Mahzabin Ahmed  – Editor

Mahzabin Ahmed is currently an MSc Human Rights student at the London School of Economics. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Politics from City, University London. Her interests predominately lie in international political economy, development, and migration. She is a volunteer at Journey to Justice (J2J), a human rights NGO which focuses on galvanizing individuals to take action for social justice and the protection of rights, through the use of the arts and history.

Elif Buse Doyuran – Editor

Elif Buse Doyuran is currently a MSc Human Rights student at the LSE. She previously studied Political Science, International Relations and Economics at Bogazici University in Turkey. She is interested in the intersection of human rights, humanitarianism and the media with a specific focus on the mediatization of suffering, construction of victimhood and understanding political violence. You can get in touch with her via LinkedIn.

Laura De Nuzzo – Editor

Laura De Nuzzo is a current student at the MSc Human Rights at the London School of Economics. Interested in human rights, international relations and politics, she graduated from Bocconi University, Milan Italy, in July 2018, with a bachelor in International Politics and Government. Her academic background allowed her to understand and discover her real interest, namely; immigration with a particular focus on integration of refugees and asylum seekers. She has volunteered for ASCS Onlus – Agenzia Scalabriniana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo – as an educator. Beyond her commitment towards migration, she is now broadening and expanding her interests by exploring the issue of terrorism. She is doing so through an internship with Restorative Justice for all; there she is a project assistant for the ‘Violent Radicalization, Restorative Justice and Human Rights’ program.

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