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LSE Human Rights blog is a student-led project based in the Department of Sociology. It is a place for open discussion of ideas, events, and critical views on the topic of human rights – whatever the term means to you.

Anyone is free to contribute ideas for articles to the blog. LSE MSc Human Rights and MSc Human Rights and Politics students and members of the LSE Human Rights Doctoral Network are welcome to join the Editorial Team. If you are a student interested in joining the editorial board, just send an email to

The views expressed on the blog belong to the author alone.

Editor Biographies

Jessie Gorovitz – Co-Editor-in-Chief 

Jessie is a former political organizer earning her MSc in Human Rights and Politics. She completed her BA in Political Science at Kenyon College, where she received honours for her independent research on the failure of the US Constitution to secure equal rights for Black Americans. Her current research focuses on political memory and the U.S. Civil War, but she is also interest ed in human rights in artificial intelligence, violence against women, and the consequences of right-wing populism. In her free time, Jessie sings opera and watches Parks and Recreation.

Miren Gonzales-Bals-Cabado- Co-Editor-in-Cheif

Miren is a MSc Human Rights and Politics postgraduate student at LSE. During her undergraduate on International Relations and Law she worked as a legal and social assistant for sex workers and human trafficking victims. After graduating in 2019, she moved to Ecuador and then Argentina, where she worked on diplomacy, sustainable development and human rights promotion. Following her undergraduate thesis on the US intervention on cyberspace, her main academic interests are the impact of algorithmic processes and privately owned online platforms on human rights violations, and the spread of far-right ideologies.

Sanne Roeven – Project Manager 

Sanne is a MSc Human Rights candidate at the LSE. She completed a BA in International Studies and Spanish, and a BS in Political Science at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. Sanne’s research interests include migration, NGOs and relationality. Her undergraduate dissertations focused on collective memory in post-conflict societies, and migration and human rights in North Africa. In her free time, Sanne enjoys hiking, cooking, and playing board games.

Hyunjin Lee – Content Manager

Hyunjin is an MSc Human Rights postgraduate student at the LSE. She completed her BA in International Relations at Yonsei University and her MA in International Development and Cooperation at Korea University. Her MA dissertation focused on how environmental policy disproportionately affects marginalized communities within the US. Her current academic interests include human rights violations in the private sector, corporate social responsibility and the accountability principle. During her free time, she enjoys running, reading and good coffee.

Dieder Muller – Editor 

Didier is a project assistant at the International Institute for Restorative Justice and a MSc student of Human Rights and Politics at LSE. During his undergraduate studies at Durham University, Didier explored the human rights issues facing religious and sexual minority communities in the UK, presenting a paper on the legal and social ramifications of Brexit for Muslims in Liverpool. His current interests focus on LGBT+ rights in Poland where he spent the summer undertaking research. In his free time, Didier enjoys visiting galleries and cycling.

Bunty Kerray – Editor 

Bunty is an MSc Human Rights postgraduate student at LSE. She completed her BA in Jurisprudence (Law) at Magdalen College, the University of Oxford in 2020, focusing in her final year on international human rights law, feminist jurisprudence and public international law. During this time, she also wrote for Oxford Women in Law on such topics as workplace inequalities, the question of prioritising some human rights over others, and the failure of criminal justice systems to effectively address sexual violence. Bunty’s current research interests include gender and queer-focused interventions in human rights, and the function of NGOs. In her spare time, she enjoys trawling through charity shops and vintage markets for her next amazing bargain, exploring art galleries and museums, and going to the cinema.

Avani Ashtekar – Editor 

Avani is an international student from India studying in the Sociology department’s MSc Human Rights and Politics. She completed her BA at Kalamazoo College, Michigan. Broadly stipulated, her research interests include anticolonial politics, border(ing), and critical race and (increasingly) critical legal theory, and counter-archives. She enjoys running, reading about food and poems.

Aleena Shaid – Editor

Aleena is a MSc Human Rights postgraduate student at LSE. She completed her undergrad in Law. Her research interests involve the rights of women and ethnic minorities. She also has a particular interest in issues relating to gender conflict, honour crime and legal pluralism. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, and trying out new and different food places.

Sagal Mohamed-Ali – Editor 

Sagal is a current MSc Human Rights and Politics student at the LSE. During her undergraduate degree at Warwick University, she was particularly interested in the human rights violations carried out against Uyghur Muslims in China. Alongside this, she wrote several pieces focusing on Transhumanism, robot rights and artificial intelligence, examining what these technological advancements mean for society. Her research interests include women’s rights in the Horn of Africa, specifically in relation to the practice of FGM. In her free time, Sagal enjoys reading, debating and finding new restaurants to try.

Saran Uthayakumar – Editor

Saran (they/he) is an MSc Human Rights and Politics candidate at LSE. They completed their undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley in history and concentrated on the history of human rights as it applies to genocide, memory and healing. His current human rights research focuses on postcolonial alternatives to transitional justice with the aim of healing and reconciliation within post-genocide states. Saran enjoys making coffee and boba in his free time and curates Spotify playlists for fun.

Ayla Nishtar – Editor 

Ayla is a current MSc in Human Rights candidate at the LSE. She is a graduate with honours from the University of Warwick with a BA in History & Politics. Her undergraduate dissertation focused on the reconcilability of international women’s rights norms with Islamic jurisprudence, using the domestication of CEDAW in Pakistan as a particular point of study. Ayla’s research interests include gender-based violence redress, Postcolonial theory and international human rights law through the prism of legal pluralism. In her spare time, you can often find her lost in one of the many art galleries in London or at home watching a documentary about anything and everything.

Kingsley Li – Editor 

Kingsley is a MSc Human Rights postgraduate student at LSE. During his undergraduate time at Queen’s University Belfast, he was one of the editors for the QUB’s Law School Podcast and Blog. He also recently obtained his LLM Legal Practice and Bar from BPP University, London Holborn. His main academic interests relate to human rights violations around the Southeast Asia region and postcolonial theory. During his free time, he enjoys photography and is a hobby investor.

Bridget Gorham – Editor 

Bridget is currently working towards her Master of Science in Human Rights at LSE, after spending several years in regulatory and legal consulting at Deloitte. She completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science and Spanish at Boston College, graduating with honours for her research related to the euphemistic Comfort Women of World War Two, the global controversy surrounding the chador, and the sexualisation of women in the media. At LSE, she continues to passionately focus on topics related to violence against women. In her free time, Bridget loves to run, read, and travel.

Henry Lowe – Editor 

Henry is an MSc Human Rights and Politics candidate at the LSE. Before starting at the LSE, he worked as a UK civil servant at the Department for Business (BEIS); after graduating from NCH at Northeastern with a 1st in BA (Hons) English with Economics, the Honours Prize, and the English Subject Prize. Henry’s research interests include literary fiction & human rights, civil society, and the causality of Western human rights failings. In his free time, Henry enjoys eating out, reading, and musical theatre.


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