Identifying the latest and most relevant research in a towering stack of journals can be time consuming. Here, Elsevier’s Elizabeth Holmes introduces the Editors’ Choice App, a downloadable application that seeks to present the reader with a personalised selection of peer-reviewed research.

An academic conference is one of the best places for researchers and authors to learn about the latest publications in their field, and to meet with journal publishers. In the olden days, attending a conference as a publisher meant selecting and sending boxes of sample copies of journals, sorting them neatly on a table, re-sorting them every time someone had picked one up and put it back on the wrong stack. Researchers attending these conferences were confronted with an even greater challenge: how to identify the latest, most interesting research in an endless stack of journals? Today, 95 per cent of published scientific content is available online and with the increasing use of smart content and APIs, these issues can be a thing of the past.

Elsevier’s Editor’s Choice App aims to offer access to a selection of content, hand-picked by the journal editors. The free application, which can be downloaded through the iTunes app store for use on iPads and smart phones, was created with the intention of delivering targeted, personalized reading recommendations to visitors of conferences before, during, and up to three months after an event. The recommendations, as the name implies, are made by the editor(s) of the journals represented at the event. This way the Editor’s Choice app aims to combine the possibilities of cutting-edge technology with the personal expertise of journals’ editors.


While reducing print certainly has its practical advantages, the main idea behind Editor’s Choice is to make the lives of researchers, authors and potential authors who are visiting conferences a lot easier. By presenting them a personalized, yet expert choice of articles to read in their area of interest on their mobile device, they can spend their time at the event more efficiently without having to worry about missing the latest research that’s most relevant to them.

The Editor’s Choice app fits into the broader picture of Elsevier’s transition from being a content provider to being an information solutions provider, focusing on developing (online) tools to enhance the researcher’s workflow. Delivering world class, peer reviewed content in a personalized way, based on how and when the researchers want it, will increasingly characterize the relationship between the publisher and the scientific community.

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