Oct 11 2011

Remembering Fred Halliday

Professor Juan Cole

September and October 2011 have seen not only the inaugural annual Fred Halliday Distinguished Lecture, given by Professor Juan Cole on the Arab Uprisings, but also a special issue of the journal International Affairs, part of which is an assessment of Professor Halliday’s impact on international relations and associated issues such as revolutions and the Middle East.  You can read the full list of contents here.

Dr Toby Dodge, from the LSE Department of IR, has contributed the featured article from this issue, which examines Fred Halliday’s research and writing on the politics of the Middle East.  It can be read online or downloaded as a PDF for free, entitled Fred Halliday: high modernism and a social science of the Middle East.

You can listen to or download the introductory podcast (20mins mp3) in which Dr Alex Colas of Birkbeck College and Caroline Soper, the Editor of International Affairs talk about the contribution of Fred Halliday and John Vincent to International Relations.

The first Fred Halliday Distinguished Lecture took place on 6 October 2011 at the LSE.  The speaker was Professor Juan Cole of the University of Michigan and he spoke on ‘Framing the Arab Uprisings: a historical perspective’.  You can listen to or download a 76min mp3 audio podcast of the lecture here.

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