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Writing for the LSE Latin America and Caribbean blog

We encourage the submission of well-argued, evidence-based posts that can improve public debate on any and all issues affecting Latin America and the Caribbean and its people.

We aim to make a broad and interdisciplinary coverage and accept stories written by academics, researchers and thought leaders. We are interested in reading pitches involving society, governance, economics, democracy, migration, human rights, security, climate change and gender.


Our posts tend to be 800-1200 words and should have a clear, well-evidenced argument presented in a comprehensible way to the general reader.

Read our site to have a general idea of the pieces we publish and send us a detailed pitch explaining why this topic matters. Providing an original angle is key for it to be successful.

After receiving your submission, we will review it and ask for clarifications or suggest changes regarding the writing style.

We seek to create a broader conversation about the region. This is easier to achieve with comprehensive content with an explanatory and clear tone.

Evidence is essential in our stories. But instead of using the traditional citation format, our articles include links where relevant instead of footnotes.


We are aware that most research findings are published in English and understand that this could be a barrier for some academics. We want this blog to reflect the language diversity in the region and aim to translate most of our new content into Spanish and Portuguese.

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Send an email with your pitch to our editor Maria Clara Montoya.

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