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3rd year Bsc Government and History student and Editor-in-Chief of the LSE UPR.

LSE UPR Journal • Volume 2

Karina Moxon (Editor-in-Chief) on behalf of the UPR team

The LSE Undergraduate Political Review is excited to announce the publication of the second UPR Journal, featuring extensive research pieces from undergraduate students of Princeton University, Durham University, King’s College London and the LSE.

Consistent with the goals of the UPR, this year’s Journal again covers important and topical political issues, ranging […]

From dynasty to decay: an analysis of 19th century changes to the Chinese political economy

Written by Caroline Wohl (General Course)

Despite economic prowess during the Song dynasty, subsequent regimes failed to
replicate growth (Brandt, Ma and Rawski, 2014). Using Francis Fukuyama’s Reactionary Thermador Model, I will argue that interlocking incentives among the Qing’s bureaucratic elite provided resistance to reform in the nineteenth and twentieth-century. This lack of reform deteriorated the state’s legitimacy, creating preconditions for […]

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Are Populism and Democracy Incompatible?

Written by George Pipiou (PPE)

The one-line argument employed to discredit populism is a reiteration of the mantra that ‘populism is incompatible with democracy’. In this article I aim to prove that this is actually far from the truth. A simple etymological decomposition of the word democracy into its two Greek components dêmos and kratía sheds light on this. For […]

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WE’RE HIRING – Apply now to join the 2020/21UPR team!

The time of year has come again where we are looking for enthusiastic students to take over the UPR for the next academic year. All LSE undergraduate students in either their first or second year of study are welcome to apply to one position. Successful applicants will be mentored into the position by the current team at the end of […]

Is the European Union governed by ‘unelected bureaucrats’?

Written by Eponine Howarth (LLB)

The opinion that the European Union is governed by ‘unelected bureaucrats’ is commonly held by europhobes and an argument wielded by the Leave campaign in the referendum on the British exit of the European Union. The claim refers to the powers of the Commission in particular, one of the executive bodies of the EU, partly […]

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Orientalism: in review

Naomi Potter (Bsc Politics and International Relations) undertakes an analytical review of Edward Said’s seminal book, Orientalism (1978).

Edward Said, a Palestinian academic working in the mid-late 20th century, wrote Orientalism (1978) in order to underline the essentialising narratives of Western scholars which he saw as dominating the East throughout history. The so-called ‘East’ in his account was the geographical territory spanning […]

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Globalisation and State Sovereignty: A Mixed Bag

By Jacalyn Goldzweig Panitz (Bsc International Relations)

As the process of economic globalisation has unfolded since the 1960s, international trade and capital flows have grown tremendously (Hay, 2014). While perhaps not unprecedented, this growth has led some to argue that the sovereignty of the nation-state is under dire threat. At a campaign rally in April of 2016, then U.S. Presidential-nominee Donald […]

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Reflections on the UPR’s 2018 Autumn Conference

The beginning of a new year allows for a time to reflect on the LSE Undergraduate Political Review’s 2018 successes.

Editor-in-Chief Karina Moxon looks back to one such success, the third UPR annual Research Conference.

On the evening of November 22nd students, academics and members of the wider public attended the LSE LIFE Centre to engage with a variety of leading research […]

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Attend the annual LSE UPR Research Conference!

The LSE UPR team warmly welcomes you to attend our 2018 Research Conference!
Taking place on Thursday 22nd November, 6.30-8.30pm in LSELIFE Workspace 4, this year’s Conference will cover a variety of topical political research topics, as well as providing an opportunity to engage with an important question for the research community in the current political climate.

For the first half of […]

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    Essay competition 2018 third place: What are the effects of the rise of China on the present world order?

Essay competition 2018 third place: What are the effects of the rise of China on the present world order?

“What are the effects of the rise of China on the present world order?”

This article was written by Joseph McGrath, year 13 student at the Judd School.

The rise of China onto the forefront of the world stage is both remarkable and concerning, signalling at the very least a threat to the present world order, currently dominated by the ever-present […]