What we are looking for in a blog article submission (content). 
The blog is a dynamic, accessible outlet for students to treat specific political topics in a succinct and lucid way through the presentation of well-researched arguments. The LSEUPR invites the application to politics of a range of disciplinary perspectives, both within and without the social sciences, both empirical and theoretical.
How are we looking for you to present you article? (delivery).  
Please find our submissions guidelines and style guidance below:
The blog is a platform for students to write an article of between 1250 and 1800 words on a subject that is political in nature. LSEUPR aims to help students to present their work creatively through the use new and innovative mediums. When you submit your blog article please let us know if you would like this support and any ideas you have.
Submissions are open. Please get in touch with us at to discuss your article. 

LSEUPR Journal

What we are looking for in a submission to the LSEUPR Journal?
The journal is for those undergraduates engaged in more extensive academic research to submit their work to the LSEUPR Journal, a peer-reviewed journal that publishes longer, research-driven articles characterised by their originality, rigour and insight.

How can I submit my work to the journal? 
Please find our submissions guidelines and style guidelines below:
LSEUPR Journal Submissions Guidelines
LSEUPR Journal Style Guidelines

Submissions are open. Email us at to to submit your piece of research. If you have any questions about the journal submissions, please get in-touch.

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