What is Utilitarianism?

This is James, second-year PPE student and academic editor at LSEUPR. In this academic year, I will be writing a series of blog posts that serve to introduce some of the major topics in macroeconomics, political science and political philosophy to both students with and without prior relevant knowledge.

My first blog is on classical utilitarianism, founded by Jeremy Bentham […]

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LSEUPR Annual Essay Competition Second Place Essay

Evie Bowden 

Lady Eleanor Holles School, United Kingdom 


To what extent have emerging social movements caused politicians to respond with  effective social change?  

‘Effective social change’ is difficult to define. Should social change be measured in  statues toppled, in flags changed, in buildings renamed? Should social change be  measured in diversity officers appointed, in hours of equality training undertaken, in  progressive leaders celebrated? […]

GV100: Aristotle, the State, and the Good Citizen

Florence Liu, BSc. Politics and International Relations ’21

In continuation of the exploration of the need for and origins of the state, this article will introduce Aristotle’s theory of human nature and the state. Aristotle is often regarded as one of Plato’s greatest rivals in the history of political thought, and takes a markedly different approach to theorising the state, […]

GV249: Data and Measurement

Mashal Ijaz, BSc. Politics and International Relations ’21

Examples of data and measurement

         There are two types of data: quantitative and qualitative. An example of quantitative data would be statistics (a summary of a variable for a set of units), usually shown in a table. Qualitative data can include documentary analysis, such as archival research or text analysis. Surveys can […]

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    PH203: Introduction to the Philosophy of Social Science; Guala and Mitchell

PH203: Introduction to the Philosophy of Social Science; Guala and Mitchell

Jack Bissett, BSc. Politics and Philosophy ’21

Since there have been substantial changes between the 2019/20 (when I studied PH203) and 2020/21 course structure and readings, I will be focussing my articles on the weeks which have stayed the same between the years. So, that said, I will be beginning with Week 2. This week presents us with the state […]

ExCo Book Club – Lent 2021 – Edition 2

Welcome to the second edition of the LSEUPR ExCo Book Club: twice a term our five executive committee members recommend a book each for students and UPR followers to read. The books may be fiction or non-fiction, but will always have some value to those interested in politics.

“Anti-System Politics: The Crisis of Market Liberalism in Rich Democracies” by Jonathan Hopkin

Recommended […]

Student Research Dialogue 2021

On 24th March 2021, LSEUPR organized Student Research Dialogue 2021. This dialogue served as a brainstorming session for LSE student journal leaders & school leaders to discuss their challenges, exchange their experiences in order to create a more conducive environment for student researchers. Also, it aims to promote student journals to the general LSE students.

The event was hosted by […]

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2020 Conference

LSE Undergraduate Political Review Conference
Tuesday 18 February
The LSE Undergraduate Political Review would like to invite you to its annual conference, entitled ‘Research in Crisis’, which is being held on the evening of the 18February. This will involve a drinks reception in which undergraduates in the department of government will be sharing their research, followed by a speech by […]

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LSE UPR Journal • Volume 2

Karina Moxon (Editor-in-Chief) on behalf of the UPR team

The LSE Undergraduate Political Review is excited to announce the publication of the second UPR Journal, featuring extensive research pieces from undergraduate students of Princeton University, Durham University, King’s College London and the LSE.

Consistent with the goals of the UPR, this year’s Journal again covers important and topical political issues, ranging […]

WE’RE HIRING – Apply now to join the 2020/21UPR team!

The time of year has come again where we are looking for enthusiastic students to take over the UPR for the next academic year. All LSE undergraduate students in either their first or second year of study are welcome to apply to one position. Successful applicants will be mentored into the position by the current team at the end of […]