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The LSE Undergraduate Political Review is thrilled to present its second journal of undergraduate research, with pieces authored by undergraduate students from Princeton University, Durham University, King’s College London and the LSE. Covering themes ranging from refugees and voting behaviour, China’s aid and influence in Sub-Saharan Africa, Catalan Independence, Putin’s rhetoric, the nation-state in the Middle East and Sweden’s lessons for the Trump administration in dealing with migrants, volume two explores leading political issues of the present day.

LSE Undergraduate Political Review • Volume 2 • June 2019

Published online in full: June 25 2019


Cover and Front Matter

Pp 1-4

The dynamics of issue salience and voting: did the refugee crisis affect turnout in European national elections? – Hanna Folsz

Pp 5-26

Where does the dragon’s gift go? Subnational distribution of China’s aid to Sub-Saharan Africa from 2007 to 2012 – Leticia Jin Bei

Pp 27-59

Trump-Effekten: Sweden’s Integration of Iranian Migrants as a Model for the USA – Sarah Sakha

Pp 60-80

“The Citizen and The Space”: Fragility of the Middle Eastern Nation-State – Uygar Baspehlivan

Pp 81-91

A Social Contractarian Perspective on the Catalan Demand for Independence – Rory Gillis, Eponine Howarth, Chloe Liu, Ludovico Picciotto and Facundo Rodriguez

Pp 92-115

Father and Followers: Putin’s Rhetoric as an Evolutionary-Psychological Leadership Tool – Philipp Ershov

Pp 116-147

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