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    • Introduction to statistical research methods used in social science to answer ‘what-if’ causal questions.
    • Aimed at students with no or little background in mathematics or statistics.
    • Ideal for students with a qualitative background or quantitative background with little experience in empirical research.
    • Created by students with a passion for academia and sharing their passion for empirical research methods.
    • Taught through the lens of actual studies, all content is grounded in examples.

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What the course hopes to achieve

We have designed a 9-part course that introduces the beauty of empirical research entirely focussed on making content accessible to students who have not got a background in mathematics and statistics.

We want to make the course as accessible as possible and hence assume no prior knowledge of empirical research methods, indeed the only prerequisite is a desire to better understand an exciting area of social science research. Participants will learn of some of the most common tools and techniques used to answer causal ‘what if’ questions. Throughout the course there will be strong emphasis on interpreting findings from actual studies and discussing the broader social and philosophical implications of such studies.

By the end of the 9 videos, we hope you gain the practical skills necessary for understanding and critically engaging with contemporary research. But additionally, gain an appreciation for the beauty and power of the quantitative techniques and the individuals who discovered them.

Why we are doing this

The LSEUPR course aims to ignite an interest in the theory and practice of empirical research in the social sciences within the qualitative student body at LSE. Our mission stems from recognition that students studying qualitative courses dislike the strict dichotomy between the teachings of quantitative or qualitative approaches to research, when both are necessary for a better appreciate and enjoyment of the insights the social sciences have to offer.



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