Hear ye, hear ye (Ear from Henry Gray’s ‘Anatomy of the Human Body’)

Are you looking for a bit of context following the Jordanian elections last week  or in  the wake of Algeria’s In Amenas gas plant attack?  We have some podcasts for you:

On 23 January, Dr Tariq Tell, a political economist currently teaching at the Centre for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies at the American University of Beirut, examined the history of the emergence and consolidation of the modern state in Jordan under Ottoman, British and Hashemite rule. Podcast of “Is Jordan Immune to the Arab Spring Uprisings” available here.

And then, earlier this week on 28 January, University of Leicester’s Dr Rabah Aissaoui looked at Algeria between the two World Wars, focusing on political mobilisation of Algerians and how French colonial authorities, particularly the security services, responded in their intelligence gathering — a period marked by internal conflict and major tension. The podcast for “Colonial Control in Algeria: the French Security and Intelligence Services between the Two World Wars” is available here.

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