Listen to our 2016 Polis Talks with guest speakers talking on a range of media topics including Brexit, Trump, Terrorism and Digital Disruption.



Lucy Thomas- Former Deputy Director, Britain Stronger in Europe ‘Lessons from Remain- Why political campaigns may never be the same again’ (4/10/2016)


Richard Sambrook- Professor of Journalism, Cardiff University: ‘Fairness, Balance and the Assault on Reason'(11/10/2016)


Rebecca Skellett- Institute for Strategic Dialogue (18/11/2016)


Michelle Russo –Executive Vice President, Gobal Communications, Discovery Channel  (25/10/2016)


Maya Vaughan-Tiwary and Kieran Yates (8/11/2016)


Robert Colvile?- Author, Journalist and Editor of CapX: The Great Acceleration: Are we racing to destruction (15/11/2016)


Liz Mermin- Thomson Reuters Foundation- Global Stories for a Global Audience? (22/11/2016)


Emma Dabiri- Discourses of Multi-culturalism in the media (29/11/2016)


James Jones- Filmmaker- Unarmed Black Male (6/12/2016)