On 25 January Charlie Beckett, Director of Polis, led a discussion with journalists and media commentators on how news media can cover Trump in a ‘post-truth’ world. Listen to the discussion below.



Brian Stelter

Senior Media Correspondent, CNN

On whether this is a serious crisis for journalists.





John Rentoul

Chief Political Commentator, The Independent

“Post-truth is the wrong term.”





Anne McElvoy

Senior Editor, The Economist

On what is post-fact.



alexsundstromAlex Sundstrom

Republicans Overseas

“My concern is that Trump is a master of manipulating the news media and is getting the result he wants at the expense of the news media’s credibility.”



jamesballJames Ball

Special Correspondent, BuzzFeed

On BuzzFeed’s decision to publish the dossier on Trump.

“Journalists have a horrible habit of writing for each other.”



Questions from the audience

Facebook and Twitter refuse to take responsibility for the content they publish. What accountability should there be in the new structures of social media?

What advice would you give to journalists in Europe with elections coming up in Germany and France?

If the truth is complicated, how do journalists communicate it simply?

Why is the UK written-media so partisan when all the evidence is that the public demand is for precise and unbiased news?




Thanks for listening.