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Notes to contributors

This blog is a platform for students to contribute research, comment and analysis drawing on theory from across a broad range of disciplines within psychological & behavioural science, and to apply it to issues and topics in the world today.

We accept submissions from students in the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science at LSE, as well as students from outside the department.

Entries from outside LSE will also be considered on a case by case basis and will be prioritised based on their contribution to existing research and comment in psychology and behavioural science. Submissions should be emailed, following the guidelines below, to the blog Editor Gemma Hutchinson:


We aim to publish each suitable blog within 7 – 10 days.

Length and format

We accept blog submissions in written (blog) style, video or a combination. We are also happy to consider other formats that may best present ideas and that are accessible to a wide-ranging audience.

Audience, writing style and language

We aim for our blog to be accessible for readers outside the academic community. Your article should be written with a relatively wide audience in mind, which include students, but also potential recruiters, non-academics and policy-makers.

Use short paragraphs made up of four or five sentences.

Like typical journalistic pieces, aim to ‘lead with the best.’ Try not to save up your main argument for the end, make it stand out early on and support your argument in the main body.

Some good examples are here and here.


In order to increase readability and accessibility, we aim for our articles to be between 400 and 1,000 words. Please provide an opening statement which outlines the core issue/topic/problem that the blog addresses. For example these may be a series of questions that will ‘hook’ in the reader’s interest.

We encourage written submissions to include images and/or videos to help illustrate arguments and key points. All images and videos should have permission to be reused and/or include a reference link or name.


We are also happy to consider video (vlog) contributions made by the author. They should be no longer than 10 minutes and be available as a URL link on a suitable platform e.g. YouTube.

Please note: when you submit a vlog, please also submit a short introduction explaining the context of the video.

Links and references

We use hyperlinked citations for references. Citations should follow a regular referencing format (e.g., APA) and should direct readers to the reference. Open access sources are preferable compared to those behind pay walls.

Please highlight and place a hyperlink at the relevant point in your argument where a reference should be.

Please avoid using footnotes.

Biography and contributor photo

We’re thankful of our student contributors and want to recognise their hard work. When you submit a blog, please send a short three to four line biography with a suitable profile photo.

Promotion and social media

We want to make sure that students get a platform for their work and ideas and so for each successful post, we will help to share this work with our audiences, including our PBS social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). When you submit a blog, please let us know of any accounts that you would like us to tag you in.



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