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The PBS blog is a platform for students to contribute articles on topics ranging across psychological and behavioural science, and topics that cover student life in the Department. Topics might include research, analysis, book reviews, and thoughts & opinions on student issues.

Notes to Contributors

How to submit your work

Faculty & students at any level from the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science are welcome to submit an article for the blog.  Email the blog editor directly following the guidelines below.

If you are from outside the Department and/or would like to collaborate on an article that would be of interest to the readership then please contact the Blog Editor Gemma Hutchinson:

Length and format

Submissions should be between 250 and 1,200 words long and be communicated in an accessible way which encourage public understanding of the article’s topic and argument. Please email your submission and a short bio of yourself to the Blog Editor, Gemma Hutchinson: We aim to respond to your submissions as soon as possible.

In order to increase readability and accessibility, we aim for our articles to be between 250 and 1,200 words.

Please send us your draft article in Word format, including excerpt, with your name and headshot at the top.

Please provide an opening statement, to head the blog, which outlines the core issue/topic/problem that the blog addresses. For example these may be a series of questions that will ‘hook’ in the reader’s interest.

Audience, writing style and language

Your article should be written with a relatively wide audience in mind, including students, but also policy-makers, non-academics and recruiters.

Use short paragraphs made up of four or five sentences.

As with journalistic pieces ‘lead with the best.’ Don’t save your main argument or analysis for the end of the post.

Write your article as a standalone piece, even if it summarises material in a longer paper or journal article. Try to present all of your argument and evidence within the text and avoid relying too heavily on information contained in external sources.


We use hyperlinked citations for references. Citations should follow a regular referencing format (e.g., APA) and should direct readers to the reference. Open access sources are preferable compared to those behind pay walls.

Please insert a hyperlink at the relevant point of your argument that you’d like to reference or simply place the URL in parentheses where you would like it to be placed and we will link it ourselves.

Please try to avoid using footnotes wherever possible and integrate material directly into the text.

Biography and contributor photo

We’re thankful of our contributors, so we like to give them full attribution. Please send us a three to four line biographical note.

Please also send us a small colour photo headshot (150x150px)

Also please send a feature image for your blog (670 x 335px). The image can be anything associated with the theme or content of your blog. Please make sure you have permission to use the image and provide the correct attribution. If you are unsure on how to resize an image, please make this clear in your submission.

Our editing process

In most cases submitted articles will be reviewed by the blog editor, who will work with the author to enhance readability for the blog’s wider audience.

All articles should be evidence-based. With this in mind, the editor may double-check the factual accuracy of certain points, or ask you for links to supporting information.

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