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Welcome to Researching Sociology

Researching Sociology is a blog based in the Department of Sociology at LSE.

It was first established by a group of PhD students in 2013 and used as a forum to share research and ideas. Since then, it has evolved into a hub for academics and students alike; a space to discuss sociology of all varieties, sociological understandings and reflections on current affairs, and experiences of studying or teaching sociology.

Each blog post gives the views of the individual author(s), not the position of the Department of Sociology, nor the LSE as a whole. All posts published on Researching Sociology remain the intellectual property and copyright of the author(s). Unless otherwise indicated, blog posts must not be republished on other sites without permission from the author of the post. For republishing requests, please contact the Editorial Team who will contact the author.

Researching Sociology Editorial Team

The Editorial Team can be contacted at

Hobeth Martinez Carrillo

Hobeth is a PhD student working under the co-supervision of Professor Mike Savage and Dr George Kunnath, researching rural elites and their role in the reproduction of socioeconomic inequalities in Colombia. Hobeth is interested in the study of social class, elites, inequalities, contemporary land issues, human rights, conflict/peace, and transitional justice.

Amani Bhobe

Amani is a PhD student working under the co-supervision of Dr Rebecca Elliott and Dr David Pinzur. Her project explores the Social Value Act, a legislation unique to England and Wales. She is interested in the economisation of policy, the social processes underpinning the valuation of non-market goods, and the rise of new styles of expertise.

Nitzan Amitay

Nitzan is a PhD student working under the co-supervision of Dr Rebecca Elliott and Dr Ayça Çubukçu on the topic of utopian spaces through ethnographies of intentional communities.

Jan Gilles

Jan is a PhD student working under the co-supervision of Dr Rebecca Elliott and Dr Don Slater, researching “The Social Life of Carbon Dioxide Removal”. He is interested in sociology of climate change, anthropocene, science and technology studies and material culture

Researching Sociology Faculty Advisor

Dr Mahvish Ahmad

Research Clusters

Researching Sociology aims to showcase the LSE Department of Sociology’s Research Clusters, reflecting areas where the Department has key concentrations of research and graduate teaching, and a distinctive LSE presence and identity. These clusters are: Economic Sociology; Politics and Human Rights; Social Inequalities; Knowledge, Culture and Technology; and Urban Sociology. Blog posts that reflect these clusters can be found on the Research Clusters pages.

Student Voices

The LSE Department of Sociology has around 370 students: 120 undergraduate students; 200 taught postgraduates following our MSc programmes; and some 50 research postgraduates. The department aims to provide a teaching and learning environment in which students are encouraged to think critically and independently. Blog posts written by our students, including posts based on their experience at LSE, can be found on the Student Voices page.

British Journal of Sociology

The LSE Department of Sociology is home to the British Journal of Sociology (BJS). For more than 50 years, the BJS has represented the mainstream of sociological thinking and research. Consistently ranked highly by the ISI in Sociology, this prestigious, international journal publishes sociological scholarship of the highest quality on all aspect of the discipline, by academics from all over the world. Blog posts written by journal contributors can be found on the British Journal of Sociology page.

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