“The Battle of Bastards”: ‘Game of Thrones’, the EU Referendum and Greece

By Maria-Christina Vogkli, LSE Sociology alumni

We all saw the last episode of Game of Thrones, entitled “The Battle of the Bastards,” in which a battle takes place between John Snow and Bolton Ramsey. Despite the fact that John Snow is warned about Ramsey’s notoriety for placing sophisticated traps against his enemies, and a willingness to sacrifice their lives in […]

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The EU Referendum: a social catalyst

By Lucy Smith, sociology undergraduate at the LSE.


The fact that we have left the EU is no surprise. Nor is David Cameron’s resignation. Brexit is the price that we pay for nurturing a political class who care more about their individual careers than the people they have been elected to represent. The referendum was thus not a division between […]

EU Referendum and the Perils of #Perception

By Rabia Nasimi (@RabiaNasimi)

As coverage of post #Brexit suggests, many working class individuals voted #leave from the #EU as it was thought that #leaving would give the UK more freedom to limit #immigration. It is arguable that such individuals are perhaps more suggestible, or easily targeted, than others.

Brexit was sold as a victory for many and one should question whether […]

Divided Families: Brexit and the working class

By Reyss Wheeler, LSE Sociology undergraduate


I followed the debate the whole night whilst as work, discussing the results with my peers on Facebook until I was the only one left standing, and in that silence I started thinking about the broader social meanings of the results. I thought about ideas of ‘Britain being great again’, independence, ideas of migrants flooding our […]

On Post-Brexit London: difference doesn’t have to break us

By Zosia Sztykowski, MSc student (@zosiaxyz)


I first lived in London ten years ago and, with a few diversions, have been trying to make my way back ever since. To me, London is a place where difference is par for the course. Its much-vaunted multiculturalism leads to a kind of oblique acceptance which I can actually perceive, and have struggled to find anywhere […]

Brexit: what now?

By Gaby Harris (@gabyjharris)


I’ve been trying to think how to express myself following the referendum. Remain or leave, it should have been a democratic process. But it wasn’t. Campaigns misrepresented the entire debate, turning it into a political power play between rich white men. Channel 4 televised a show about the debate entitled ‘Boris v Dave: the battle for […]

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Brexit Reaction from Across-the-Pond

By Heather Zaccaro


For months now I’ve watched the surging debate surrounding Brexit. And dismissed it as ridiculous. Economists advised against it. Experts advised against it. President Obama flew his ass to London to advise against it. Even John Oliver threw his hat into the ring in the final stretch. Every single person I’ve spoken to about the prospect here […]

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In, Out, In, Out, Shake It All About

by Lisa McKenzie (@redrumlisa)


I’m not voting in the European Referendum, I can already hear the cries of ‘what about Mrs Pankhurst’, ‘What would she say’, and ‘women have died so you can vote’. Every time I tell people I’m not going to vote there are gasps, and frowns, and everyone is unhappy with me. The Brexiters tell me my […]

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