Economic Sociology

This cluster unites scholarship associated with economic sociology, science and technology studies (STS) and the sociology of risk regulation. Browse the latest blog posts written on these themes here.

Bitcoin: Alternative Currencies Reloaded – Part Two

The Sociology Forum event held in January 2014 attracted a large audience to hear the panel discussion on Bitcoin and what is sociologically interesting about this alternative cryptocurrency. This post summarises the lively debate that ensued.

by Sian Lewin, Paz Concha, Mona Sloane and Reuben Message.


Garrick Hileman, an economic historian and commentator on Bitcoin, began by highlighting the two aspects […]

Bitcoin: Alternative Currencies Reloaded – Part One

This is the first of two posts relating to the Sociology Forum event on 15th January, a panel discussion on Bitcoin and alternative currencies. Here, we offer a brief introduction in preparation for the event and share some interesting resources and articles about Bitcoin and alternative currencies from a variety of sources. We will follow this up with a summary […]

Risk Regulation at Transnational Level: Understanding the Role of Non-State Actors

by Judy van der Graaf,


Risk, and how it can be managed or regulated, has become a very prominent issue in contemporary society. The financial crisis and the responses to it serve as good illustrations of that. And at a very different level it is visible in our department with the establishment of the new MSc programme Economies, Risk […]