I wasn’t born into a family rich with contacts. When in conversation with a friend at Central St. Martin’s the other day she was astounded to hear that I couldn’t exploit any contacts to aid my rise into journalism. But I don’t mind, having to work my way into the industry I have picked up many lessons along the way. I would also be lying if I were to say that I had made it entirely on my own. LSE is a place where you are surrounded by other people who striving for success. In the last few weeks I have really come to appreciate the gains of being involved in LSE’s societies.

On Wednesday of last week I found myself on my way to Parliament to photograph an event held there by CASA (LSE’s Central American Student Association). It was a wonderful evening where the society outlined their new internship opportunities abroad. To mark the occasion we were joined by some of the countries’ ambassadors. I was delighted to see inside that intimidating gold structure that stands tall on the riverside. It was also a brilliant way to gain more practice with my photography skills.

This week I will be giving a speech on getting into journalism at the City Hall and also taking some photographs. It feels surreal to be entering into those buildings that first had me in awe when I came to London. Being here really makes me believe that I can be someone not just that little girl from Ham.

Take a look at CASA’s website: http://www.casauk.org/en/



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