We have finally made it to reading week! Looking back at the past month, it has surely been a month full of ups and downs. I remember wandering around the campus during orientation week, figuring out the buildings where I will have classes. Now, I am slowly learning the shortcuts to school as well as exploring secret (or not so secret) study spaces with my friends.

I would be lying if I said that life was all rainbows and unicorns after I arrived at the LSE. These moments do exist, like when your friend shows up with a box of doughnuts when you are insanely hungry, or when you finally get to eat good food that tastes almost exactly like the food back at home. However, you will be spending most of your time in awe at the intelligence of your classmates (how is it possible that they seem to know literally everything?) during lectures and classes, and trying to finish all the (compulsory) readings you were assigned by your teachers at night…

At some point, I asked myself, what was it that made me land a place at the LSE? Why am I here?

For some time I wasn’t sure what I was doing – I woke up, went to lectures and classes, walked back to my hall to have dinner, went back to my room to do a bit of work… A monotonous routine began to form, and I hated it. I enjoyed my subject, but at the same time I thought that something was amiss.

Luckily, I had joined some societies at Freshers Fair. I now fence every Sunday (filling my exercise quota…) and I am currently a sub-committee member of HKPASS. In addition, I have also joined one of the pro bono schemes organised by the law faculty. Joining different clubs has definitely helped me meet more people and make more friends. Now, every week is unlike the other. Every day comes with new challenges to face, but I love every single moment of it.