I’ve lived in London for about 7 months and I surprisingly don’t miss my hometown of San Francisco as much as I thought I would. It wasn’t until Storm Emma hit London two weeks ago where I started missing the calm weather of San Francisco. To be fair, I have experienced snow after living in Washington, D.C., but this was a different kind of cold. I wanted to run to my classes because my face got so cold, but then it was too slippery to even run. My experience from the snow could even be the title of a new hit movie: Boy from California in -3°C snowy weather. The storm only lasted until the end of the weekend and wasn’t too bad. I can finally say I survived the Beast from the East, but how surviving the end of Lent Term is another story!

Despite the snow, LSE still looks beautiful

After the storm subsided, I realized that there were only a few weeks of term left and all these feelings of emotion suddenly rushed through my head. Oh has time flown by! I was thinking: How have the weeks dwindled so fast? I only have only a few more lectures and seminars, a lot of course work and interviews to do yet not enough time, and most importantly, when is the last time I will be going to the George (the beloved campus pub)? I know we still have summer term, but it feels like everyone will be more busy once we hit the next term. I know the title of this blog says how do I survive the last few weeks, but what I really meant is how do we cherish the next few weeks of this term?

Last few times at the George with some friends in Social Policy

There’s no easy way to accept the end of a term. We still persist and manage. I have only been here for 7 months and know I still have a lot of work for the road ahead. It’s been a really long and cold term, but I hope to make the most out of the last few weeks by putting more effort into class discussions, catching up with some of my course mates after class even if its just a walk to the library or tube station, and organizing my next few weeks so that I am prepared for exam time. Ambitious? Yes. But I am more motivated than ever before to cherish the last few moments of this term. It’s the best way to survive.

Survived the snow and ready for what the end of term has in store for me!

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