With September just around the corner, all you incoming students might have started thinking about accommodation options. Although LSE offers many halls of residence (I stayed at Northumberland House – read about my experience), these get occupied quite fast. There are several other halls that are solely for students as well but due to high demand and a large number students coming to London, there are chances that it might be hard to get your top preferences or the best options. Moreover, some of these halls may only offer studios and they might not be within your budget. So, the following are some affordable options that you might want to consider:



LHA London constitutes a group of houses all over London (most of which are in Zone 1) for students, interns, young professionals, etc. They offer a wide variety of options, both sharing and single rooms. There are about 13 houses located all over the city. Some of these are even catered, offering 2 meals a day as part of the contract. They are quite cheap as well (the twin room in these catered halls are about £127 for those below the age of 30).


UoL Housing Service

University of London (UoL) also has several options. Not only do they have several halls/houses, but they also provide guidance on other options such as Homestay (where you can stay as a paying guest with families in the UK who have rented out part of their house). Check out their website for more details as there is a bucket-load of information on everything from student message boards to housing databases.


Renting out properties

If none of the above works, there are several sites such as SpareRoom, Right to Move, etc. that lists available properties. However, these aren’t the safest option and so if opting for this one, make sure to read the safety tips and visit the place before making any payments. The best approach to take when considering this option is to visit the LSE Postgraduate Community page on Facebook, where students advertise their need for a roommate or someone to take over their property. This option is safer and more reliable.

If you need any other specific information about halls or a reputable website, feel free to comment down below. Happy house hunting!


Janice Rachel Shwetha Jacob

Janice Jacob

Hey there! I'm Janice from Chennai, India. I'm doing my Masters' in management at LSE. My interests include music, cooking and writing. I can answer Harry Potter trivia like a boss, sing Disney songs without needing to look at the lyrics and make the world's best hot chocolate.