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February 5th, 2023

23 reasons why you should apply to LSE in 2023, part 2


Estimated reading time: 10 minutes


February 5th, 2023

23 reasons why you should apply to LSE in 2023, part 2


Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

University is so much more than just education – it’s where you make friendships, learn about life, have fun and experience sorrows. Thus, the choice of university is incredibly decisive. For me, LSE is a unique place and I would make the same decision to study here all over again!

Get to know the second part of my list of reasons why you should consider applying to LSE this year. If you missed it, check out the first part of the list (link below)!

12. International outlook

LSE prides itself on being a truly international institution, both in terms of its people and curriculum. In the academic year 2020/21, 49% of students were classified as Home/EU and 51% as overseas. Overall, students come from over 140 countries and more than 40% of staff comes from outside the UK. This vibrant diversity fosters discussions with a global perspective, informed by the different experiences, views and beliefs of the LSE community.

13. Impact in the world

What is unique about LSE as an academic institution is that it is incredibly embedded in the wider world, not restricting itself to academia. Indeed, it is the central mission of LSE to educate for global impact. This means that it puts an emphasis on engagement with current debates and affairs and provides constant opportunities to deliver a tangible impact.

14. Research staff

97% of LSE academics are actively engaged in research! There are also 23 research centres and 15 research groups. Students can regularly learn about ongoing research projects during a series of in-person coffee breaks showcasing research from the LSE academic community.

15. Research excellence

In the 2021 Research Excellence Framework, LSE tops or comes close to the top in a number of rankings for research excellence which confirms its status as a world-leading research institution.

16. Academic facilities

LSE has 29 academic departments and institutes, various research centres and seven partnerships with universities across the world (resulting in a range of double degree programmes!). Its library is one of the largest and best-equipped social science libraries in Europe.

17. Campus and buildings

LSE’s campus is full of student facilities, from classrooms to pubs. You can always find a comfortable place to study, eat at a budget-friendly cost, browse some books in a small bookshop and hang out with your friends in a café or simply on the bench in the Marshall building.

18. Clubs and societies

The LSE Students’ Union has over 200 societies and 40 sports clubs. This means that there are countless opportunities to meet like-minded people, explore new things and pursue extracurricular activities.

19. Events

Every year, LSE hosts a wide range of public events, over a hundred lectures and exhibitions. During the term, there is an event almost every day so you can constantly get inspired.

20. Lunchtime concerts

Every Thursday, there is a live concert in the Shaw Library, open to all members of LSE. It is a wonderful opportunity to listen to some classical music performed live during the break between your classes.

21. Student support

Whether you are struggling with your academic work or having problems with your wellbeing, LSE is there to support you. There is a range of free services you can access as a student whenever you need help.

22. Financial support

The School offers generous financial support for its students at all levels. There are a lot of scholarships and other funding opportunities every year to make sure that finances are not an insurmountable obstacle for prospective students.

23. Sustainability

Last but not least, LSE is the first verified Carbon Neutral university in the UK and it ranked second in the world and top in the UK in the QS World University Rankings for Sustainability 2023.

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Hi, I’m Magda, a Sociology master’s student coming from Poland. I’m interested in the issues of class and social stratification as well as history, which I studied for my undergraduate degree. I have an artistic soul and enjoy literature, cinema and theatre.

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