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What are you up to tonight? Nothing much, just heading to the Houses of Parliament.

I wasn’t born into a family rich with contacts. When in conversation with a friend at Central St. Martin’s the other day she was astounded to hear that I couldn’t exploit any contacts to aid my rise into journalism. But I don’t mind, having to work my way into the industry I have picked up many lessons along the […]

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The Sunday evening calm

‘How are you?’

Take a survey of LSE students and I think an alarming number of responses would be along the lines of: tired, busy or stressed. These responses don’t mean that someone isn’t happy but these are certainly states that the majority of us are familiar with. It may sound somewhat a contradiction in terms but I think that […]

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Running for your life

There were a few things I failed to take into consideration when I first agreed to apply for the 2013 London Marathon:

1. I’d get in.

2. My Mother wouldn’t get in.

My Mum is a marathon veteran having run 9 in total. Now at 55 however she is past her PB and but still looking to reach into double figures. I, […]

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You are what you eat

Right now, that’s cupcakes.

Having lived for a year in catered halls, I was delighted this year when upon moving into my lovely new home I also got a lovely little kitchen. Since then, I have made it a personal mission to make our house a home through the sweet aromas of baking. My culinary pursuits have been certainly been […]

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To LSE or not to LSE? That is the question.

When I applied for my place at University, there was one thing that I was pretty certain about: I wanted to be in London. That meant that King’s, UCL and LSE were all on the list. When it came down to selection time, fortunately enough I had offers from all three. However, due to my worldwide gap year galavanting, […]

January 14th, 2013|Student life|1 Comment|

I run London

It’s raining, it’s pouring but this old girl’s not snoring. In fact it might be a lot easier if essays and rain drained my energy. However, cooped up in inside I find myself driving my housemate wild. I may have exhausted my mental energy with scholarly articles and debate but the caffeine from my coffee has just migrated to […]

December 3rd, 2012|Off Campus|0 Comments|

But I hear there’s no campus?

LSE is not a ‘campus’ university. Before joining university, this was something which I was a little concerned about. I wasn’t so knowledgeable of the big city and the thought of different buildings across London to study in seemed daunting. What’s more, I didn’t want to waste my time and money on transport. So LSE might not be a […]

November 19th, 2012|LSE, Off Campus|0 Comments|

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