It’s raining, it’s pouring but this old girl’s not snoring. In fact it might be a lot easier if essays and rain drained my energy. However, cooped up in inside I find myself driving my housemate wild. I may have exhausted my mental energy with scholarly articles and debate but the caffeine from my coffee has just migrated to my feet instead. So what do I do?

Don your trainers and take to the streets. Tourists stand back, I’m coming through. I love running in London. Clear your mind, get rid of that excess energy and find another excuse to eat a chocolate bar on your coffee break.

I am currently training for the London 2013 Marathon. I take routes around Regent’s Park, along the Thames and nearby St.Jame’s Park. But one of the best things about running is, you can do it anywhere. I’ve begun running to Uni, it takes me the same amount of time as when I cycle.

It wakes me up and makes me feel physically at my best. Whilst it’s free, unlike those gym treadmills that lead you nowhere.

Granted, you might need a screw or two loose to be mad enough to go out in the perpetual winter drizzle. However, if you’re short of motivation, I highly recommend the Nike Covent Garden running club (very close to LSE). Mondays (women) and Wednesdays (mixed), it’s free and they even run a loyalty scheme that means you can get free t-shirts! Just turn up at 6.30 and it’s as simple as that. It’s a great way to meet people and they cover ranges of distances with people of varying speeds. It’s so much easier to hold yourself to a commitment when you know you’re not doing it alone.

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