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That time I walked through a doughnut hole

Was that title clickbait? Yes, I believe so, but read on to hear about Krispy Kreme’s fun pop-up at Leicester Square.

London always has some interesting event going on. Being one who enjoys these quirky events, I tend to keep an eye out for such events and a recent one was the Krispy Kreme pop-up. On Friday, the 8th of […]

7 Best Parks and Green Spaces in London for Sunny Days

As the final weeks of Lent term approaches, British spring has finally arrived! You start to feel the spirit of spring when you step out from your lecture halls at 5 or 6pm and there is still a tiny bit of sunshine greeting you instead of sheer darkness. And where better to spend it than in one of London’s […]

5 FREE spots to visit in Central London over Reading Week

Whilst some of our course mates have jeted away to Mallorca for the perfect beach getaway, some of us have not been as fortunate. I for one am glad to be spending my reading week in London. There is lots to see in lovely London, and the weather has been exceptional this year. For those of us not voyaging […]

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Give London Music a Try

One of the best parts of LSE is that we’re located in the heart of London. Throughout my time at LSE, I’ve taken advantage of this and have gotten into the music scene in the city. Not only has it been incredibly cool to see shows ranging from The 1975 to The Dead South, but to my surprise, I’ve […]

LSE Food Map — the First Timers Guide To Eating Near LSE

As an international student studying in London, I can promise you that anyone who says British food sucks knows nothing about London’s dining scene. I’ve put together a selection of incredible places to enjoy great food near LSE. Whenever you feel that the Fourth Floor Cafe or Garrick are inferior foods for you, be sure to check out this […]

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8 Coolest Things to do in London as a Student

As an international student studying in London for nearly a year and a half, I hardly need to tell you why life in London is the best. Nonetheless, here’s my list of the 8 coolest things to do as a student in London. If you have any suggestions of your own, please do share them with me in the […]

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Debunking Myths: 3 Misconceptions of Life in London

Journeying from the lovely city of Birmingham, home to Cadbury Chocolate and the setting of your weeknight Netflix binge Peaky Blinders, to London left a little void in me. London is starkly different from the second biggest city in England. Yet, after spending a few days in London I realised most of my preconceived notions were misguided. And no […]

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Why London

“Here the journey starts. Alone in this city of rich history, excitement, and opportunities.”

[An extract from my diary on 22nd September 2018]

Hi everyone, I am a first-year undergraduate studying Accounting & Finance at LSE. This is the story of a student-tourist in London trying to explore and settle down.

For someone like me that gets sick on a plane, the fact […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to the London Social Scene

Moving to a new city, it’s hard to find out what is fun until you try it out. The social scene in London is electric and perfect for students. Here are some of my favorite nighttime activities that I would suggest for anyone new to London:

1. Tate Lates
Every last Friday of the month, the Tate Modern hosts Tate Lates. […]

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British Cuisine – time to give it a chance

London has one of the best food scenes in Europe in my opinion. The choice of cuisines can quite frankly be overwhelming. Just in terms of lunch options you can pop out for sushi, grab a Thai curry from a local food stall, pick up a falafel wrap or even go and eat a Hawaiian poke bowl at a […]

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