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Founded in 1996, the Forum for Philosophy is a non-profit organization that has gained widespread recognition for its work as initiator and sponsor of engaging and thoughtful events that facilitate wider participation in academic philosophy. Our full and varied programme showcases the work of contemporary academic philosophers from all philosophical traditions, often in conversation with each other and with academics from other disciplines, while studiously avoiding academic papers.

Events are always open to everyone, free to attend, and usually do not require registration. We also produce podcasts and our website hosts an ever-growing archive of philosophical discussion. Finally, we also publish essays, also available via our website, written by contemporary philosophers on a wide variety of topics. In all of our activities, we promote thought-provoking discussion of science, art, and politics from a philosophical perspective.

The Forum’s 2022 programme has been arranged by a new cohort of fellows associated with the LSE Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method.

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The Forum for Philosophy subscribes to the British Philosophical Association/Society for Women in Philosophy (UK) Good Practice Scheme