Ben Rogers/ Roger Scruton/ Simon Glendinning/ William Arthurs

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This event was jointly organised with the London Society Journal

Thursday 6 October 2011, 6.30-8.00pm
Old Theatre, Old Building, LSE

Ben Rogers, Director of the Centre for London think tank. He has written books on philosophy and history and recently edited a series of papers for CABE and AHRC on beauty and public policy.

Roger Scruton, writer and philosopher. He holds visiting positions at St Andrews University Scotland, the University of Oxford and the American Enterprise Institute in Washington.

Chair: Simon Glendinning, Reader in European Philosophy, European Institute, LSE and Director of the Forum for European Philosophy

Introduced by William Arthurs, Editor of the London Society Journal and Trustee of the London Society since 2001.

Architecture is the most public of artforms and has borne political, religious and moral meanings throughout history. Can architecture promote human well-being? And if so, how?