Joachim Aufderheide / Sophie Grace Chappell / Sophia Connell

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Aristotle is one of the most famous and influential philosophers. His work on logic, metaphysics, politics, and ethics were all pioneering, sowing the seeds of much later philosophical thought. But almost two and a half millennia later, could this rebellious student of Plato possibly have anything to say about the complexities and concerns of modern life? We explore whether Aristotle can still usefully inform our thinking today, on everything from sex and friendship to animals and politics.

Joachim Aufderheide, Lecturer in Philosophy, KCL
Sophie Grace Chappell, Professor of Philosophy, Open University
Sophia Connell, Lecturer in Philosophy, Birkbeck, University of London

Clare Moriarty, Fellow, Forum for Philosophy & IRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Trinity College Dublin

This event is dedicated to the memory of Stephen Lewis, friend of the Forum and Honorary Treasurer for many years, who knew more about Aristotle, spycraft, and the pools than most.

Organised in conjunction with the British Society for the History of Philosophy


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