Michael Burns/ Madhu Krishnan/ John Narayan

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A revolutionary thinker who drew upon influences from philosophy, political theory, and psychoanalysis, Fanon is best known for his fierce championing of Algerian liberation and his reflections on the psychological impact of colonialism and imperialism. Now that the philosophical value of Fanon’s work is finally being recognised, we should also ask what it can teach us about the contemporary world. In what ways can Fanon’s writings help us understand more recent political uprisings and revolutions, as well as new forms of resistance? In what ways can Fanon shed light upon a political landscape transformed by technology and twenty-first century globalization.

Michael Burns, Lecturer in Philosophy (University of the West of England)
Madhu Krishnan, Lecturer in English Literature (University of Bristol)
John Narayan, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in Sociology and Academic Director of the New Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies (University of Warwick)

Danielle Sands, Lecturer in Comparative Literature and Culture at Royal Holloway, University of London and Forum for European Philosophy Fellow

Recorded on 1 February 2016 at the LSE