Hillel Steiner/ Nicholas Vrousalis/ Gabriel Wollner

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Thursday 20 February 2014, 6.30 – 8pm
Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House, LSE

Hillel Steiner, Professor of Political Philosophy, University of Manchester  

Nicholas Vrousalis, Assistant Professor in Political Philosophy, Leiden University

Chair: Gabriel Wollner, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, LSE and Forum for European Philosophy Fellow

Child labour, sweatshops and low wages: There are many market exchanges that strike us as morally problematic because they are exploitative. But what exactly is exploitation? And how could a voluntary and mutually beneficial exchange be morally wrong? Hille Steiner and Nicholas Vrousalis discussed the relevance of exploitation as a concept for analysing and criticising the exchanges, relations, and institutions of contemporary market economies.