Sarah Broadie/ Alex Voorhoeve/ Kristina Musholt

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Tuesday 18 June 2013, 6.30 – 8pm
Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE

Sarah Broadie, Professor of Moral Philosophy and Wardlaw Professor, University of St Andrews

Alex Voorhoeve, Reader in Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, LSE

Chair: Kristina Musholt, LSE Fellow, Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method and Deputy Director of the Forum for European Philosophy

Why be moral? May we kill one to save others? Is morality objective? In writings renowned for their creativity, incisiveness, and humour, Philippa Foot (1920-2010) made key contributions to these questions. Foot focused especially on the importance of thinking in terms of virtues and vices. In a dialogue that aimed to do justice to Foot’s engaging, witty spirit, moral philosophers Sarah Broadie and Alex Voorhoeve critically discussed Foot’s ideas.