Catherine Malabou/ Michael O’Rourke/ Danielle Sands/ Simon Glendinning

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Monday 2 June 2014, 6.30 – 8pm
New Theatre, East Building, LSE

Catherine Malabou, Professor of Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University

Michael O’Rourke, Lecturer, School of Arts and Psychotherapy, Independent Colleges, Dublin

Danielle Sands, Visiting Lecturer, Department of English, Queen Mary University of London and Forum for European Philosophy Fellow

Chair: Simon Glendinning, Associate Professor of European Philosophy, European Institute, LSE and Director of the Forum for European Philosophy

What is sexual difference and why does it matter? What is gender? Is there an essence of ‘woman’? In what ways is our understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity informed and challenged by advances in biology? By feminism? By queer theory? Speaking both as a woman and a philosopher, Catherine Malabou guided us through these urgent and perplexing questions.